Batman Arkham Knight – Stagg’s Fingerprints Puzzle (Airship)

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Whilst exploring Stagg’s Airship Alpha we will eventually reach a room with a computer terminal. This will be located inside the Research Laboratory and after taking down more of Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight’s thugs.

With this computer terminal we will need to find evidence of Stagg’s fingerprints. So basically we need to determine and pay close attention to anything that Stagg has managed to touch, that may potential have evidence of his fingerprints.

This computer terminal is just like the previous one that we came across back at the Clock Tower. Also like like last time, we will need to rewind and fast forward through a total of four different screens of video footage. Though, this time we need to use all four of these screens, rather than just the single screen like before.


After managing to knock out a room full of both Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight’s thugs we will then be tasked with trying to find evidence of Stagg’s fingerprints. We need his fingerprints so that we can use them in order to advance the story and find a way onto Scarecrow’s airship. Since, technically speaking, both airships belong to Stagg we need some identification to be able to unlock specific parts of the ship. In this case, we need control of the turrets. This can only be done through the use of Stagg’s fingerprints.

In order to get these fingerprints we will need to inspect and use the nearby computer terminal. This will then reveal four screens and four different video footage with different camera angles. We can both rewind and fast forward through the evidence until we locate what we need to find.

What we need to find is anything that Stagg might have managed to touch whilst being kidnapped by the Arkham Knight and his men. So this can be walls, floors, tables, chairs, anything and everything.

We will need to use all four screens and all of the available camera footage in order to fully complete this one.

CAMERA 1: In this camera we will want to fast forward the video footage until we see Stagg being thrown out of his chair and on to the floor. As he then tries to get up he will place his hand on the floor. (0:11:14)

CAMERA 2: For this one we will need to fast forward through the video footage until Stagg is thrown down the stairs. Again he will then try to get up and, in doing so, he will place his hand on the floor. (0:22:58)

CAMERA 3: Again Stagg will be thrown down yet more stairs. This time as he tries to get up he will place his hand on the nearby wall. (0:38:17)

CAMERA 4: This video footage will show Arkham Knight with a few of his men. Watch as Stagg places one of his hands on the floor (0:51:15)

We will then be tasked with searching for the fingerprints within the room, Research Laboratory. This is where the incident we just witnessed occurred. So proceed and activate the evidence and detective mode and search for these clues in order to be able to complete this section.


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