Batman Arkham Knight – Cargo Box (Airship Stability) Puzzle

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The first puzzle that we will be up against whilst inside Stagg’s Enterprise Airship is one that involves large cargo boxes and being able to access the stability of the airship. To be able to move it around.

Now this particular puzzle appears after having defeated the first set of Scarecrow thugs that seem to be having fun with their new flying droid machine. Lets ruin it for them and get on with this first puzzle.


Here we will find ourselves inside the airship foyer area. Go ahead and interact with the machine in the room, the Override Airship Stability Controls. This will then allow us to move the airship around. Mainly from side to side. Isn’t it fun to watch everything in the room fly as we gain control of the ship?

Anyway lets continue this fun by looking around for a large cargo box.

There will actually be one of these cargo boxes in the very next room. So lets move this box as it is currently blocking our path in that particular room. A room that we want to actually be in. So move the airship in order to move this box. Move it so that is smashes into the window. Not through it. No it actually does not go through the window. It just spreads glass everywhere instead.

Then head inside this room and search for a hatch door on the floor and let us go through to the next area. In here there will be a row of cargo boxes for us to play with this time. This one should be rather simple. Just tilt the airship and watch the cargo boxes go flying to the left. Bye!

This final cargo box puzzle is a little bit more complex but, in truth, is still cakewalk! It just requires us to do something else that is a bit new. I love new mechanics!

Now in amongst these cargo boxes, there is one that seems to have a switch connected to it. Using the Cargo Crate Magnetic device we can toggle between activating and deactivating this specific cargo box. At first it will be deactivated. Thus unable to move despite how much we try to tilt the airship.

However, if we toggle this cargo box and activate it in the process. We can then move this box around, like the others beside it. Remember this as it will come in really handy for a later puzzle too.

Anyway now that we know how to move the remaining cargo boxes we can move them out of the way. So that we can then gain access to the open doorway behind.


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