Batman Arkham Knight – Cargo Hold Box Puzzle (Airship)

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Whilst being tasked with chasing Scarecrow onto Stagg’s airship we will come across the ability to control its stability. Sending it from side to side and watching various different objects and equipment being thrown around in the process.

Now all of this might seem like great fun but we actually need this ability in order to complete this next puzzle. This particular puzzle sees us in the Cargo Hold.

If we try to open the gate door using the Remote Hacking Device we will find ourselves confronting the weapon turrets on Scarecrow’s airship.


Okay so, for now, it seems as though we are currently stuck inside this Cargo Hold. It is a rather large room and there are a few high vantage points that we can take advantage of. Should you want to, of course. Though, more to the point, how can we actually get out of this area?

Well to start off with make sure to use the Remote Hacking Device in order to interact and open the gate door. The password is Nucleic acids. On the other side we will be met with several turrets from Scarecrow’s airship. This is obviously not the correct path to take right now. Though we do need to get on to that airship somehow.

Alfred will then get in contact with us and we will then have to come up with another plan for solving this issue out. Okay then, we will now want to interact with the Override Airship Stability Controls. Which The Joker seems to be standing next to. By doing this we will then be able to control the airship and move it around.

Now if you were able to pay close attention to the floor as you opened the gate door you should have noticed that it too opened up. If you focus your attention to the flooring of this cargo hold you should notice several cargo boxes underneath us. These were not there earlier. They actually only appear after having opened the gate door that leads outside.

Our objective now is to use these cargo boxes that are below us and move them around. Only some of them move, whilst others stay and remain idle. The cargo boxes that can move around can also be locked into place using the Cargo Crate Magnetic Lock On device. Keep this in mind, although by now you should know all about that. We did have to use it earlier on for another, previous, puzzle.

Now here is a quick hint as to what we need to do next. There is a door or, rather, a hatch that can get us under this floor. Do not get there yet but generally that is our next destination. So as we need to be underneath this floor and amongst these cargo boxes, you should have some idea as to what and how to solve this puzzle. The answer is staring you right in the face.

Okay. Basically we need to move the airship around so that these cargo boxes move around and clear a path for us. So that we can navigate the floor below us.

Remember to lock each cargo box in place when they are in the correct position. Otherwise they may just slide back into their incorrect position once again. Thus blocking our path in the process.

Once you can see a clear path for us to take under the floor then you have your puzzle solved! From there enter through the hatch door and progress on.


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