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The Below is an optional location that is featured within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is part of the Secret Of The Sands Favour Quest over in The Barrens and features a total of 3 different collectibles to be found and collected altogether.

These collectibles include Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Yggdrasil Rifts, Artefacts, and Lores.

(Note: A lot of the collectibles within the game require you to have already completed the main story. This is due to certain abilities, weapons, and such only being unlocked after having done so.)


Nornir Chest: 1/1

Legendary Chest: 1/1

Lore: 1/1

COLLECTIBLE: Lore (Patience)
LOCATION: In the first room, with all of the Twilight Stones. Eliminate the Dark Elf and then make your way up the wall, as normal. Once at the top turn right to face a bunch of those light traps. We need to eliminate them all using our Leviathan Axe. If done correctly this will clear the path to both the Lore collectible and a treasure chest too.

COLLECTIBLE: Nornir Chest (IDUNN Apple)
LOCATION: When you reach the area in where you find yourself having to grapple around various rock walls. Grapple on over to the other side and eliminate the wretch here. Down here we will find the Nornir Chest.

SEAL 1: This first seal is located in a separate area, hiding behind a closed gate. In order to open this gate we will need to aim our Leviathan Axe at the light traps in the distance, using the Twilight Stone to help direct the axe. All of this is normal and is necessary to continue through the area. From there go back to swinging and climbing around the rock walls and it will lead you to this first seal.

SEAL 2: This second seal is also located behind a closed gate. Thankfully all we need to do in order to access it is open the gate. It is not locked from this site, unlike the other one.

SEAL 3: This final seal is located right next to the Nornir Chest.

COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest (Shoulder Straps Of Radiance)
LOCATION: After successfully releasing the bindings around the huge jellyfish (Hafgufa) make your way towards the exit of the cave. Then as you jump and dive through the ceiling you will come face to face with this Legendary Chest.


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