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The Secret Of The Sands Favour Quest is one that can be unlocked in The Canyons, here we will come across a sled that is being driven by a pack of Gulon. There is also a lore collectible next to us that relates to these Gulon (U-Natur-Liker). This lore collectible goes on to describe how calm they are. Comparing them to both Speki and Svanna.

Anyway interact with the sled and ride on out into the sandy wilderness. Yes, it is difficult to actually see anything here but there is a fix to that. This is where this particular favour quest comes in. In order to remove this sand storm we need to complete this quest first.

The Secret Of The Sands relates to a quest-chain involving several different puzzles alongside freeing a Hafgufa (a giant jellyfish). There are two of these types of mission quests, one in this area and another one that can only be unlocked after solving this one. Freeing both Hafgufas will unlock the Free the Hafgufas trophy achievement

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After encountering the sandy wilderness of The Barrens. The Secret Of The Sands quest will then automatically trigger.

We now need to locate a cave entrance, Atreus will cry out when you get close to it. To find it we need to head east of The Barrens entrance. Stick to the east until you come across several torches hidden within the sand storm. Once found proceed and head inside. This will take us to a new location known simply as The Below.

Proceed through the area and grapple across to an orange light trap, these should be rather familiar to you as we encountered them as we made our way to The Canyons. There will be plenty of these within this cave, so be ready for them.

Defeat the first wave of Dark Elf. From there we will come across our first real puzzle of the area. It’s not a relatively difficult puzzle but you will need to make use of the nearby Twilight Stone.

In this next room we will need to climb up the wall. Up here we can unlock the area to a treasure chest (normal) and a lore collectible. We can do this by heading to the right of where we climbed up from and using the Leviathan Axe on the light traps, there are several here and you will need to target them all in one strike.

From there proceed back up the wall and climb up the next following wall to reach the next area. Ride the zipline down.

Grapple around the rock walls to get to the other side. Once on the other side drop down to the platform below and play around with a few Wretches.

From this platform we should be able to locate another Twilight Stone. Use this to remove the light traps so that we can begin grappling around the rock walls once again. This time we can make our way to a new rock wall in the process.

After climbing up the new rock wall and grappling inside the cave area we will then come across a chain that we can climb down, go ahead and do so. More Dark Elf.

After eliminating the Dark Elf crouch down and proceed through to the next area. We will then come across a pile of golden rubble that will be blocking our path. If you have come across this before then you should know, that with these golden barricades there is always an explosive next to it. Destroy this explosive to remove the rubble and clear the path.

This next area might be a bit more trickier as its longer and more complex. Still should not be too bad. Start by aiming the Leviathan Axe towards the light trap on the left but make sure to also be aiming at the Twilight Stone behind it too.

If done correctly then this should destroy the light trap before then hitting the Twilight Stone and bouncing and destroying the rest of the light traps and unlocking some of our path in the process.

Jump the gap and then turn and aim at the explosive that sits next to the golden rubble on the other side. Remove the rubble.

Now with the rubble gone we can aim the Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone that was once being covered by the rubble. This will then remove the blockade around the wall.

Grapple on up to the above platform that we just uncovered. There is a treasure chest up here (normal). One more puzzle left for this area and it involves using the Twilight Stone mechanism that it attached to the cave ceiling. Move it around by using the Leviathan Axe and aiming at the panels that are attached to this mechanism.

From there aim the Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone and if done correctly this should remove the last remaining barricade in the area.

Proceed on through to the next area, there will be a Nightmare next along the way so make sure to deal with it.

In this next area we will come across the Hafgufa (giant jellyfish). This is the creature that we have come here to save and the very creature that is causing the sand storms.

Begin this area by destroying the explosive that sits behind the golden coloured rubble. This will then allow us to access more of the area. From there turn to the right in order to find a Twilight Stone.

As with the previous area we will then want to make sure that we target both the light trap down here and the Twilight Stone behind it. This will then help free the Hafgufa, though it still remains trapped.. for now.

Jump back over to the other side once again. Then look up to find another Twilight Stone to the left. We need to aim at this stone, using our axe of course. This will then bounce the Leviathan Axe from the first Twilight Stone into another one next to it. Destroying one of the light traps in doing so and then the rest when the Leviathan Axe hits the second Twilight Stone.

We have now done all that we can for the Hafgufa down here, we must return back to the surface. Continue on into the next area and open the treasure chest here (normal)

Near the exit of these caves there will be a Legendary Chest (Shoulder Straps Of Radiance). From there destroy the light trap and exit the caves. Now onto freeing the Hafgufa! It’s straps have been removed but the cave walls still prevent it from being able to get free.

Return to the sled and head north until you come across a red light, unfortunately the sandstorm is still around so trying to locate this ‘red light’ might not be that easy. Thankfully it isn’t too far away from the actual cave entrance.

Once you have managed to find it Atreus will, once again, let us know about it. Go ahead and interact with this red light in order to finally free our little Hafgufa jellyfish!

Once freed the Hafgufa will then begin flying around The Barrens. Plus, more importantly, the sandstorm will stop and visibility will become much better. At long last.

NOTE: If you do ever get lost within the sandstorm, remember you can always track the favour quests from the necessary ‘Goals’ and ‘Favours’ menu.


We look for the creature that Atreus ”heard” cry out in pain. The sandstorm makes navigation difficult. We must seek shelter.

Find a way to reach the pained creature

Pursue the pained creature underground.

Destroy the Hafgufa’s bindings.

Open the hive cage on the surface


Kratos – 1500 XP

Atreus – 375 XP


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