The Callisto Protocol – How To Find The UJC Special Ops ‘Assault Rifle’

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The UJC Special Ops ‘Assault Rifle’ is one of the much later weapons that players can find within The Callisto Protocol. Of course, as with the previous few weapons, before we can purchase the weapon we need to acquire the schematic for it.

The Assault Rifle schematic is located within the Colony mission chapter. When the mission objective changes to ‘Find the Elevator Keycard’.


In order to unlock the UJC Special Ops ‘Assault Rifle’ we will first need to find and acquire the respectful schematic. If you have managed to find and collect any of the previous weapons then this should be relatively obvious by now.

We can find the schematic during the Colony mission chapter. Here our main mission objective will change to ‘Find the Elevator Keycard’.

In this area there will be a set of ladders leading up to the rooftops, in order to find these ladders simply search for the MidTown signs. There should be several of them in the area, follow them and they will lead you to a set of ladders. Climb up these ladders.

There will be more of those blind monsters up here so just use a stealth approach to get around them, do not bother getting yourself surrounded.

Up here follow the signs to the ‘General Store’. We need to head through the ‘General Store’ in order to find and locate the room that we need and the room that has our assault rifle schematic.

Once through to the other side of the ‘General Store’ you will then want to access the bathroom, which is the room that is located to the left. The schematic is in here.

After acquiring the assault rifle schematic we can then take it to the Reforge and purchase the assault rifle for 1,000 Callisto Credits.


(A three round-burst automatic rifle assigned only to the elite Black Iron Squad Nine. Based on the UJC Modular Weapons Platform)

The UJC Special Ops ‘Assault Rifle’ costs 1,000 Callisto Credits to purchase

The assault rifle has the following upgrades:

High Capacity Magazine Upgrade (Alters the magazine well to accept high capacity magazines – 500 Credits)

Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade (Increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellant to all ammunition – 1,500 Credits)

Stability Upgrade (Reconfigures print with the addition of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil – 4,500 Credits)

TK63 ”Homing Rounds” (Adds alt-fire module with that fires smart ammunition. Fired rounds maneuver themselves in-flight to hit moving targets – 4,500 Credits)


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