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The Callisto Protocol has many different collectibles that fans and players can find and collected. These usually include both audio logs and implant bios. There is a total of 43 collectibles within the game altogether.

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be concentrating on the collectibles that can be found during the Colony mission chapter. There is a total of 7 collectible to be found within this mission

You can keep up with what collectibles that you have managed to find and collect by accessing the menu and selecting the DATA-BIOS option.

(Note: If you get a Game Over screen before reaching the next checkpoint you will then need to go and collect the secrets and collectibles again. The collectibles are not saved after having been collected)

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Miner Log 1 – Alex Wang)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Locate the Old Colony
GUIDE: Immediately when the mission chapter begins turn and head left to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Miner Log 2)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Up to the Light Tower
GUIDE: Once Dani asks you to meet her at the Light Tower our objective will then change accordingly. From there head left and you can find this one on a small stack of shelving.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Miner Log 3 – Derryn Barr)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find the Elevator Keycard
GUIDE: Once the mission objective changes to ‘find the elevator keycard’ proceed and climb up the ladders. The ladders are located near the Midtown sign boards. Up here there will be more of those blind enemies so sneak around them. Whilst we are still up here look for a door with a green unlocked message, the collectible is in here.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (The Mole – Yannick Sage)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find Dani at the Rooftops
GUIDE: After finding the keycard for the elevator proceed and ascend the elevator. Once the elevator stops the collectible is located to the immediate right.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (High Town – Buidhe Reddwork)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find Dani at the Rooftops
GUIDE: After riding up the elevator and being tasked with ‘finding Dani on the rooftops’, proceed and continue up the next set of stairs. From there turn into a room on the right.

COLLECTIBLE: Implant Bio (Miner Log 4 – JI-Kwan Park)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find Dani at the Rooftops
GUIDE: This one is an easy find as the main story will lead us directly to it. Simply find the Gate Fuse and unlock the door with it, the implant bio is located on the other side of this door.

COLLECTIBLE: Audio Log (Disagreement)
MISSION OBJECTIVE: Exit the Colony on the Funicular
GUIDE: Enter the dome and get a tour from Dr. Mahler, or at least her hologram anyway. From there we will get a boss fight and a return from a certain familiar individual. After the next following scene the collectible can then be found to the right of the area, sitting on top of several white boxes.


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