(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – List Of All Favours (Side Quests)

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(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok has quite a few optional side quests or Favours that players can find, unlock, and of course complete. These side quests are usually split into several different regions and locations. Including areas such as Svartalfheim, Alfheim, and Vanaheim.

Some of these side quests are also locked behind story related plot points. Also it is recommended that you have certain weapons and gear unlocked before doing this. Having the story completed first might be a good idea before beginning any of these tasks.

Below is a list of these side quests and how to complete them.


In Service Of Asgard (Video Guide)

The Weight Of Chains

The Lost Treasure

Spirit Of Rebelion


Secret Of The Sands

The Elven Sanctum (Video Guide)

The Desert Door

Freyr’s Gift

Song Of The Sands


The Mysterious Orb

Freyr’s Missing Peace

Garden For The Dead

Conscience For The Dead

Quaking Hollow

What Lies Below

Return of the River

A Stag For All Seasons

For Vanaheim!

Scent Of Survival (Video Guide)

Casualties Of War: The Brooch

Casualties Of War: The Scroll

Casualties Of War: The Stein

Casualties Of War: The Hourglass

Casualties Of War: The Toy

Nocturnal Predator

Cure For The Dead

In Plain Sight

The Burning Skies

Path Of Destruction

Trail of the Dead

In The Dead of Night


Sigrun’s Curse

Animal Instincts

Guiding Light


The Crucible (Video Guide)

The Final Challenges


The Eyes of Odin

Born From Fire

The Lost Lyndwyrms

Hel to Pay

Fit For A King

Nine Realms in Bloom


The Last Remnants Of Asgard

Across the Realms

The Broken Prison

Defend Your Valor

A Viking Funeral (Video Guide)

The Slumbering Trolls

The Fate Of Thorsdottir

The Realm Seeds


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