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Eyes Of Odin is one of the many optional Favours or Side Quests within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It requires players to find and locate a total of 48 Odin’s Ravens.

These ravens are usually aqua in colour, so a mix of green and blue. Very much distinguishable from any other flying creature within the game. They can also often be heard when they care close by.

Unfortunately though they are sometimes really well hidden too. Sometimes that can be found up in high trees, hidden behind objects, or flying around in the open.

Here we will try to show you the locations to all 48 of these Odin’s Ravens. Warning though, it is best to try and get them once you have successfully managed to complete the main story.

LOCATION: Nidavellir
GUIDE: This Odin’s Raven is located near the Nidavellir docks. By the water wheel.

LOCATION: Radsvinn’s Rig
GUIDE: This raven is located on the crane, near the Nornir chest.

LOCATION: Althjof’s Rig
GUIDE: After climbing up the chain at the entrance. Immediately look down and to the left to find this next one.

LOCATION: Aurvangar Wetlands
GUIDE: Head towards the Mystic Gateway and you will find this one sitting on top of one of the rocky pillars.

LOCATION: Jarnsmida Pitmines
GUIDE: This next one can be seen flying around the area. Near the large mechanical wheel.

LOCATION: The Applecore
GUIDE: After solving the puzzle involving the ore and riding a platform towards a large door. Here we will want to look to the left in order to find this one.

LOCATION: The Strond
GUIDE: This one is located on the top of a large tree.

LOCATION: Temple Of Light #1
GUIDE: This next one is located locked behind a small gate. You will need to use the nearby Twilight Stones in order to capture it.

LOCATION: Temple Of Light #2
GUIDE: Head across the light bridge and up the stairs. This raven is located to the left of the stairs, before the next statue puzzle.

LOCATION: The Canyons
GUIDE: Head to The Canyons and to the store to find this one. It is flying around the left side of this area. If you have yet to unlock the store then you will need to solve the Twilight Stone puzzle that is currently blocking the path. From there proceed up the wall.

LOCATION: Freyr’s Camp
GUIDE: You can find this raven by the large blue circle structure in the distance.

GUIDE: This next raven is located sitting next to a lit campfire.

LOCATION: The Southern Wilds
GUIDE: This one is located in a secluded area to the left of the Southern Wilds. Here it can be seen flying around a small pond.

LOCATION: The Forge #1
GUIDE: The next raven is located at The Forge, by the Nornir Chest.

LOCATION: The Forge #2
GUIDE: Head to the location where you will take a trip underwater to meet with ‘The Lady’ and acquire the spear weapon. The raven is here on a high pillar structure.

LOCATION: Helgrind #1
GUIDE: At the starting area of Helgrind, where we find Garm, here just before climbing the wall is where we will find this one.

LOCATION: Helgrind #2
GUIDE: At the end of Helgrind, where we finally manage to calm down Garm. We will then need to solve another puzzle in order to open a gate. Beyond this gate is our next raven.

LOCATION: Eastern Barri Woods
GUIDE: This one is located in a dead end area. Next to a cliffside by the trees to the right. It is barely noticeable in the sun light.

LOCATION: The Abandoned Village
GUIDE: This next raven is located within the tree. You will only be able to see it from a certain angle.

LOCATION: The Watchtower
GUIDE: Head to The Watchtower. Up here we can also locate a Draugr nest. The raven will be flying around this area.

LOCATION: Alberich Hollow
GUIDE: Head to Dragon Beach, south of The Watchtower. From there climb up the chain to reach the top platform. Once at the top continue on and head left. Here keep an eye on the left side for the raven.

LOCATION: Alberich Island #1
GUIDE: Head to Alberich Island and use the spear to reach the above platform. Here we will find ‘The Lost Treasure’ quest. Whilst we are up here use a Sonic Arrow to remove the rubble. The raven should be noticeably flying around the next area.

LOCATION: Alberich Island #2
GUIDE: Use the spear to solve the geyser problem and activate the wheel mechanism. We will now have a grappling hook to play with and reach the other platform over the ocean. Here head to the right and look between the rocks.

LOCATION: Lyngbakr Island
GUIDE: This one can be done during ‘The Weight Of Chains’ Favour Quest. After destroying the second restraint pick up the grenade nearby and take it to the rubble that you went past on your way to this restraint. Destroy the rubble to gain access to the grappling hook. Cross over to the other side and crawl through the hole here.

LOCATION: Raider Hideout
GUIDE: Head to the Raider Hideout north east of Midgard and the Lake Of Nine. Here we should be able to locate the raven sitting on the frame of the large door here.

LOCATION: Tyr’s Temple
GUIDE: This one is located within a small cave section south of Tyr’s Temple.

LOCATION: The Derelict Outpost #1
GUIDE: When you arrive at the Derelict Outpost, south west of Tyr’s Temple. There should be a damaged frozen boat. The raven is located in here.

LOCATION: The Derelict Outpost #2
GUIDE: Whilst you are at The Derelict Outpost find and proceed to climb up the chain here. From there continue on and use the mechanism here to grapple on across to the other side. Once on the other side look to the right in order to find the raven sitting on top of a pillar. Use the spear in order to reach it as it goes further than the Leviathan Axe, so it is much easier to hit your target.

LOCATION: Shores Of Nine
GUIDE: This raven is located by the large frozen remains of a ship. It clings to a wall. Use the spear if you are having issues trying to hit your target.

LOCATION: The Barrens #1
GUIDE: You can find this one inside the large skeleton. Check the hollow eye socket. (Note: In order to remove the sand storm you will need to complete the following Favour Quests: Secret Of The Sands and Song Of The Sands)

LOCATION: The Barrens #2
GUIDE: The next raven is located on a tree branch, next to a nearby building. (Note: In order to remove the sand storm you will need to complete the following Favour Quests: Secret Of The Sands and Song Of The Sands)

LOCATION: The Forbidden Sands #1
GUIDE: This one is sitting inside a rocky structure to the right of The Forbidden Sands entrance. (Note: In order to remove the sand storm you will need to complete the following Favour Quests: Secret Of The Sands and Song Of The Sands)

LOCATION: The Forbidden Sands #2
GUIDE: This one is inside an underground section of a building. The entrance to which will be covered by several breakable rocks. Destroy them and go inside to find this one.

LOCATION: The Forbidden Sands #3
GUIDE: The next raven is located flying around a large statue with a sword. Close to the Burrows

LOCATION: The Forbidden Sands #4
GUIDE: We can find this next one by heading south west of The Forbidden Sands. Here make your way up the wall to find a rather large statue of a Giant. The raven hides behind this statue.

LOCATION: Pilgrim’s Landing
GUIDE: We can collect this one alongside completing the ‘Cure For The Dead’ Favour Quest. Simply head to Pilgrim’s Landing and solve both of the gate puzzles in order to find this raven. Once you reach the third objective for the ‘Cure For The Dead’ Favour Quest simply turn your attention to the left. The raven sits next to a tree.

LOCATION: River Delta
GUIDE: There are a few vantage points that you can use in order to see and target this one. One such vantage point is over at Noatun’s Garden. The raven itself is located on the River Delta, sitting on a tree branch.

LOCATION: Goddess Falls
GUIDE: The Goddess Falls is part of ‘Freya’s Missing Peace’ Favour quest. As you climb up the walls within the area you should notice this one flying around.

LOCATION: The Veiled Passage
GUIDE: Head east of the Goddess Shrine and you will arrive at The Veiled Passage. The raven is located perched near a hole in the ceiling.

LOCATION: The Plains #1
GUIDE: This one is located sitting on top of a rock at one of the checkpoints. West of The Sinkholes.

LOCATION: The Plains #2
GUIDE: Head to the eastern side of the plains. Near the Mystic Gateway. This raven can be spotted sitting on top of a section of cliffs.

LOCATION: The Plains #3
GUIDE: This next raven is situated behind the location to the Mystic Gateway. North west of The Plains. Near the grappling hook.

LOCATION: The Plains #4
GUIDE: Head to the Mystic Gateway, north west of The Plains. Then look down to find some rocks. The raven is sitting on a section of rocks below.

LOCATION: The Plains #5
GUIDE: For this one you will need to switch the time of day and make sure it is nightfall. It is connected to the For Vanaheim Favour Quest. Complete that quest and then head into the large area that housed the dragon, The Crimson Dread. Then stick along the cliff wall and look down to find this one.

LOCATION: The Jungle
GUIDE: This next raven is situated in The Jungle. Where you confront the two Ogre. Use a boat to get there. You will need to have successfully completed The Return Of The River Favour Quest first

LOCATION: The Sinkholes
GUIDE: For this one we need to have managed to complete The Return Of The River Favour Quest first. This will then allow us to use a boat in order to reach our destination. From there head to The Sinkholes and this raven will be located on the cliffside wall.

LOCATION: Burning Cliffs
GUIDE: From the Mystic Gateway simply climb down to the lower path and head right. Head down another ledge and the raven is hiding behind some rocks

LOCATION: Surtr’s Forge
GUIDE: This final raven is located in Surtr’s Forge. It sits under an alcove.


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