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Chances are, that during your exploration of The Plains and Crater regions of Vanaheim, you will have noticed that there should be a river here. There is clear evidence that water used to pass through this region. However, for some reason it no longer does. Hence the Return Of The River.

Return Of The River is an optional Favour Quest that can be unlocked and completed within The Jungle section of The Crater. Upon completion it will bring back the flow of water. Allowing us to explore and venture further, into unknown territory.

LOCATION: The Jungle – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: Return Of The River

REWARDS: Kratos – 500 XP, Freya – 125 XP

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A. Head to The Jungle.


Make your way to The Jungle, which is located to the north west of The Crater. From there you will be under attack from an enemy that will be trying to throw rocks and boulders, ignore it and head to the right. Towards a poisonous plant.

Drop down to the ground here and dispose of the poison and continue on. Upon climbing the next wall up we will then get a sight of a dam. Apparently, according to Freya it is ‘Odin’s eyesore’. More importantly it is also our current destination.

Eliminate the next wave of enemy threat and we will come across a set of vines. These vines are currently blocking our path to the elevator lift. So make sure to remove them in order to proceed onwards and upwards!

Once you reach the top of this elevator lift we will then come across yet more fiends to dispose of, Seidr. Eliminate them all.

After doing that you will then probably wonder, where to next? It does look like a dead end but.. it is not. The entrance to the next area is simply hidden. We can find it by destroying the crates and boxes that are situated next to the wall. By the elevator lift.

Squeeze through the tight gap in the wall and we will then be presented with yet another puzzle. (Here we can also begin the What Lies Below quest)

Here we will come across a crank wheel that can turn the gates and open the dam. This will then, of course, release the water. Thus completing our main objective. However, upon trying to use this crank we will then notice that there are vines that are currently blocking and stopping the gates from opening.

We need to take advantage of Freya’s Chain Element arrows (pink arrows) and destroy these vines. Create a domino effect. If done correctly then this will remove the vines and allow us to open the dam to release the water.

Once the water has been released our objective will then be complete. Simply leave the area and confirm with your companions that the job here has been done.


Odin built this dam to dry out the people of Vanaheim who lived here before. We can put an end to it. First, we make our way inside.

Ascend the dam


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