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What Lies Below is an optional Favour Quest that can be found and completed within the Vanaheim region. It is also connected to the Return of the River quest.

It is a somewhat basic quest that simply requires us to find and eliminate few dreki within the area. Dreki are nothing new, as they appear within the main story too. They are basically reptilian type fiends that can attack by using both water and electrical projectiles. As a reptilian they also enjoy lurking underwater. So if you cannot currently find your target then there is a huge hint.

LOCATION: The Jungle – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: What Lies Below

REWARDS: Kratos – 1,500 XP, Freya – 375 XP

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A. Complete Return of the River


After successfully completing the Return of the River quest we will then be able to open the dam and release the water back into the river. Hence Return of the River.

The quest itself is situated within The Jungle region of The Crater within Vanaheim. Here we will reach the area’s dam. There are signs and clues everywhere that this region used to have water flowing through it but now no longer does so. This can only be remedied through the Return of the River

During that said quest we will come to a small dead end area, after passing through the gap within the wall. Here we will witness a dreki creature claiming one of its prey. This then begins our simple quest.

In order to reach our next destination, to where the dreki is actually located. We will first need to solve the waterflow issue and open the dam. This is related and can be done during the Return of the River quest. If we fail to sort this problem out then we cannot progress any further. The reason for this is that the water is currently blocking our path.

After you have managed to successfully solve that issue and released the water. We will then find a small wall behind us. This wall requires the use of our spear weapon to form a platform to get across to the next platform.

Once you reach this next platform we will then confront the dreki. There will be a total of two dreki, both of which need to be dealt with. One of these dreki has the ability to use electrical attacks. Whilst the other prefers water based attacks.

Defeat both dreki to complete this quest.


We encountered a dreki when we entered the jungle’s dam. It does not look like we can reach its feeding ground while the water blocks our path.

Find a way to the dreki.


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