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Bayonetta 3 has a lot of collectibles that can be found throughout the game. These collectible usually include Medallion Shards, Figure BoxesCard Packs, Treasure ChestsUmbran TearsEcho Of MemoriesChallenges, and more…

Finding and collecting them all can be quite a challenge in itself. Many are hidden behind hard to reach locations or require you to complete rather frustrating and difficult objectives. Still if you do manage to collect them all, it can be somewhat satisfying too.

Some of these collectibles are also added to the Gallery menu that becomes unlocked after completing the first chapter mission. These include artwork, character models, and more.

Anyway for the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the collectibles that can be found within Chapter 6 – Off The Rails

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COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #1
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: At the very start of the chapter you will want to head to the left. This figure box is located inside a fenced off area.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #2
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Staying in the starting area you can find this one sitting on the watchtower.

COLLECTABLE: Heavenly Light #1
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: From ‘Figure Box #2’ head to the right and jump over the small bridge and into the next area.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: This Umbran Cat is located north of the Heavenly Light. Try to lure the cat towards the wheel mechanism and climb up the wall after it. This should hopefully result in a capture.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: If you managed to acquire the Umbran Cat then chances are you have already seen this collectible. It sits on the rooftop of one of the structures within this area.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl #1
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: Near the gates with all of the commotion going on, head up here towards the watchtower. Up here there will be a treasure box. Destroy this box to get your rewards.

VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: When running across the large bridge keep an eye out on the left side for this one.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #3
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: Continue on as normal. This figure box is located just below you as you try to cross over the lava

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart #1
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: Cross over the lava now and once at the other side turn and head to the left in order to find a treasure box. This will then reveal several platforms that we need to use. Follow these platforms to another platform with a Congestus. Use time travel and the Congestus to reveal the witch heart.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #4
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: This Congestus is also required to find the ‘Figure Box #4’. Unlike the ‘Witch Heart’ though, this one resides on the ground level. The only way you can get this one is if you set the Congestus time right. Meaning you will need to remove the water as it is a sunken collectible. You can activate Congestus as many times as necessary.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #5
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: Near the injured soldiers there will be a treasure box. Time for yet more platform jumping. These platforms will take us to our next Figure Box.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart #2
VERSE: Verse 3
GUIDE: There is a treasure box next to the rocks that the previous ‘Figure Box #5’ collectible was found at. You will need to walk across the lava. Have the Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo equipped if you have not already done so. We will then need to start collecting objects before we can complete this one successfully.

COLLECTABLE: Heavenly Light #2
VERSE: Verse 4
GUIDE: Continue on as normal now. When you reach the next half of the bridge this Heavenly Light will be located in a small area next to this bridge.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #6
VERSE: Verse 4
GUIDE: After dealing with the ‘Heavenly Light’ proceed up the nearby platform structure to find this one.

VERSE: Verse 4
GUIDE: Remaining in the same area this Umbran Crow is located on the watchtower to the left. Try to flying and swing into its path in order to collect it.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl #2
VERSE: Verse 4
GUIDE: Make your way down to a set of stairs by another watchtower and a wheel mechanism. Here we will find another treasure box. This treasure box is actually a Summon Healing pool, which means we need to summon one of our Infernal Demons. Use your summon to destroy the moving treasure box above.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl #3
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: Make your way back up once again to find a challenge portal (Defeat All Enemies!)

VERSE: Verse 7
GUIDE: After encountering Pyrocolumus we can then find this Umbran Toad on the the wall, near the lavafall. (Note: If you managed to get across the bridge without falling into the lava during the encounter you will unlock a new Bewitchment!)

VERSE: Verse 7
GUIDE: This should be an easy find. It sits on one of the fallen debris on top of the lava.

COLLECTABLE: Witch Heart #1
VERSE: Verse 7
GUIDE: Ride the nearby elevator lift up to the top floor. Up here we will find another challenge portal (Defeat All Enemies!)


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