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Song Of The Sands is another Favour Quest that players can unlock and complete within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is the sequel quest to Secret Of The Sands

Just like with the previous quest it too relates to the Hafgufas (giant jellyfish). Yet another one has been trapped and we need to rescue and free it. We also need to traverse through another sandstorm in order to be able to find it.

Okay let us begin…



In order to trigger this specific favour quest you will first need to complete the Secret Of The Sands. From there proceed towards the door that leads to The Forbidden Sands, which is located to the north west of The Barrens. Since we managed to free the first Hafgufas the sandstorm in this first area will have been removed and thanks to that we can indeed enter the next area.

The cave that you are now looking for is located to the north of The Forbidden Sands. Remember to track your current quest if you find yourself getting a bit lost. Which is easy to do with the sandstorm in the area. You can track your current quest by going into the ‘Goals’ and ‘Favours’ menu.

When you manage to find the correct cave Atreus will make sure that we know about it. We can then enter the cave and begin the next rescue mission!

As with the previous quest this one will also feature various different puzzles for us to solve. One of which will be at the very start of the cave, after climbing down the wall. Well sort of a puzzle. Maybe not.. Still its a blockade and it is currently preventing us from getting any further. To remedy this we can, of course, use Atreus’s Sonic Arrows (Green Arrows). This will then remove the blockade. Welcome to The Burrows.

Since there is a wall that blocks one path, one in which we cannot currently break, let us focus our attention on the path to the right instead. Grapple on over to the next platform. Whilst Atreus focuses his attention on the path below, our current destination. There is an optional treasure chest on the platform above (normal)

Head down to the platform below now, to where Atreus is busy staring at. Down here we can grapple on to the rock wall. However, as Kratos will no doubt point out, the current path is blocked. So return back to the platform.

Here Atreus will be staring at our objective. A pink, yet glowing, wall. Use Atreus’s Sonic Arrows on this pink wall and then once again on the blockade. Our path should now be unlocked and we can move on.

Grapple and climb around the next set of rock walls. We will then find ourselves in a small area with several Twilight Stones.

Use these Twilight Stones to remove this next blockage. Simply aim your Leviathan Axe on to the Twilight Stone that is located on the floor, opposite the blockade and destroy it.

In this next area there will be a Wretch nest so make sure to destroy it before then moving on. From the Wretch there will then be a room full of Grim. Eliminate those too. Once all of the enemy threat has been neutralized we will then need to squeeze through the next wall and into the following area.

In here there will be another blockade but this one is actually optional. If we remove it we can then find a treasure chest (normal)

In order to remove this optional blockade simply keep to the above platform and aim your Leviathan Axe at a mechanical structure that is hiding behind the blockade. This structure is currently hanging from the cave ceiling and it has a Twilight Stone connected to it.

Turn this structure by using the axe and aiming it at the panels until the Twilight Stone is noticeable and that, more importantly, we can actually aim at it. Aim the Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone in order to remove the blockade and reap the rewards from the nearby treasure chest.

Grapple on into the next area now. There is yet another puzzle awaiting us ahead.

Behind the blockade in this room there is another red or pink wall for Atreus to aim his Sonic Arrows at. This will then reveal a Twilight Stone, use the Leviathan Axe on the stone in order to then remove the blockade.

With the blockade now gone and taken care of we can then grapple on over to the next platform. Eliminate the next wave of enemies and then we can move on. In this exact same area we can also track down an Ormr.

An Ormr is a rather rare and timid creature that will always bury itself underground at the mere sight of danger. In order to target and eliminate it we will first need to climb up the wall here.

Once you have climbed up the wall and reached the platform above simply turn around and look for a Twilight Stone that we can then aim at. By aiming and targeting the Twilight Stone with our Leviathan Axe we will then remove the blockade on the wall. This will then allow us to climb up another wall in order to reach a grappling hook at the end.

After climbing this wall and grappling over to the other high platform we will then be able to locate a Legendary Chest (Hel’s Touch). Then if you look down we can also freely target the noisy Ormr on the ground below.

Moving on now into the next area. We will come across another blockade in our path.

In order to be able to solve this one we will need to drop down to the platform below. Then aim your Leviathan Axe at the light traps above, there are several of these light traps so be sure to target them all at once. You should know the drill by now with these.

After removing the blockade we will then find ourselves in the room with the currently trapped Hafgufa. We now need to remove Hafgufa’s bindings, of which there will be several.

The first binding that we can start of with is located to the left. Here we will find a Twilight Stone, use the axe on the stone to remove the mesh that covers and hides a grappling hook.

Now that we have successfully uncovered the grappling hook proceed and use it to reach the other side. Here on this new platform look up and to the left to find another one of those red or pink walls. Use the Sonic Arrow followed then by the Leviathan Axe in order to remove the first binding.

Grapple back over to the other side now and look for the row of light traps. Again there are several of them and we need to target them all using the Leviathan Axe. One more binding left.

Proceed and grapple back over to the other platform once again and as before use your Leviathan Axe to aim and target the last remaining light traps. Remember there are several of them and we need to target them all.

Okay that is all of the bindings covered, we are now done with the underground work. Let us proceed back to the surface once again.

In this next area we will come across a Bergsra and a Legendary Chest. Also on the ground there is an artefact for us to collect (Pipe). Moving swiftly on.

Grapple and climb the next section of rock walls until we come to a room full of Twilight Stones.

What we need to do here is to remove the mesh on the wall that is currently stopping us from being able to climb up the wall. We can do this by aiming the Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone that is located on the wall to the far left. This will then cause the Leviathan Axe to bounce from the first Twilight Stone and into the second one, and finally into the mesh on the wall. The blockade.

We can now safely grappling and climb up the wall, once at the top there will be a treasure chest for us to inspect. Okay time for another quick puzzle

This next puzzle involves another one of those Twilight Stone mechanisms that are often found hanging to the ceiling with panels that are used to turn the mechanism. So go ahead and use the Leviathan Axe to turn it. Keep turning it until the Twilight Stone is pointing and directed to the left. Facing another Twilight Stone.

Now aim the Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone to the left, the much larger stone. This will then cause the axe to bounce from the first Twilight Stone (the larger one) into the second (smaller structure stone) and then, finally, into the mesh on the wall. Something similar to what we just did to get up here in the first place.

With the blockade or mesh now having been removed we can then proceed to climb and grapple up this next wall. From there grapple and burst through the wall. This is the same wall that we saw at the cave entrance. So you should now have an idea as to where we currently are.

As we are just about to leave the cave we will get interrupted by a Dark Elf, don’t worry there is just the one. Nothing to worry about. Proceed up the wall and out of the cave.

Now to finally free the Hafgufa. The hive cage is located north of the cave, not too far away. Just like with the previous quest you are looking for a pink or red light that is hidden within the sandstorm.

Interact with this hive cage in order to both free the Hafgufa and complete the quest. For completing both Song of the Sands and Secret Of The Sands we will earn ourselves the Free the Hafgufas trophy achievement


A storm rages in the East as it did in the West before freeing the Hafgufa. We must find the cave entrance to free the creature

Find the Hafgufa cave entrance

Reach the Hafgufa

Destroy the Hafgufa’s bindings

Open the hive cage


Kratos – 1,500 XP

Atreus – 375 XP


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