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For Vanaheim! is one of the very rare Favour side quests that is also connected to the main story. As you progress through the main story you will come to a point where Birgir will end up falling out of Freyr’s boat and presumed lost to the abyss.

However, after completing the ‘Scent of Survival’ Favour quest it turns out that Birgir did indeed survive. We will then find ourselves in another region of Vanaheim, known as The Plains.

It is now our task to go and find Birgir and rescue him.

LOCATION: The Plains – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: For Vanaheim!

REWARDS: Kratos – 3,000 XP, Atreus – 750 XP, Whispering Slab x75, Rond of the Nine Realms

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A Complete ‘Scent Of Survival’


To the north west of The Plains there should be a gate. This gate will either be locked or unlocked, depending on what your goals and objectives within the game have been recently.

However, regardless of that right now, we need to be through this gate in order to continue on with the quest.

Locate this gate and if it is indeed locked then you will need to change the time of day in order for it to unlock and open for us. In order to change the time of day we will need to make our way to a nearby checkpoint.

These checkpoints usually consist of a store, Mystic Gateway, and a device that we can use to change the time of day. The gate itself will only unlock during nightfall.

So make sure that the time of day has been changed accordingly, then make your way through the now open gate and into the next area.

Whilst in this next area continue to follow the path to the right and squeeze through the gap in the wall. We will then come out into an open area with a large dragon. A dragon known as The Crimson Dread. Defeat The Crimson Dread.

The Crimson Dread will, of course, use fire attacks since it is a dragon. It will also take to the skies. In order to get it back down to the ground level we can use the spear in order to fire a projectile at it as it tries to swoop in at you. If you manage to hit your target, The Crimson Dread should come crashing back down to the ground.

Once it has been successfully defeated we will then need to search for Birgir.

In order to find Birgir you will need to run around this area and seek out a wall that you can climb up. Birgir is sitting up here. Apparently he managed to survive the fall from Freyr’s boat by rolling.

All Birgir wants now is a way back to the camp. We can escort him by interacting with the nearby Mystic Gateway. This will then complete the quest.


We may not have survived were it not for Birgir. He is alive and in need of our help. The dragon that stranded us in the crater appears to be guarding his position.

Reach Birgir’s Location


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