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Garden For The Dead is another optional Favour quest that can be found and unlocked within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It requires us to help a spirit maintain their garden. We can do this by removing the poison totems.

This quest is quite a simple one. It does not require much effort and it does not require us to travel too far. In fact everything can be complete within the same exact area.

The quest itself is located within Vanaheim. At Noatun’s Garden. South of Freyr’s Camp.

LOCATION: Noatun’s Garden – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: Garden For The Dead

REWARDS: Kratos 500XP, Freya 125XP, x13 Whispering Slab, Svartalfheim Amulet Enchantment



Head to Noatun’s Garden, south of Freyr’s Camp and find and speak with the spirit, Astrid. Apparently this area is Astrid’s garden. However, the Einherjar came and poisoned it. Astrid now wants our help to remove this poison.

Our task now is to remove a total of 3 poison totems from this garden. The poison totems basically produce these poison clouds that you can see on the ground.


We can remove this first poison totem by climbing up the wall of the small structure to the right. By being up here we can get a better view of this poison cloud and the totem that is causing this issue. However, more importantly, you should also hopefully be able to spot a small chain behind this poison totem. Inside a small structure.

Aim your spear or Leviathan Axe at this hanging chain in order to cause an explosion that will then remove the poison totem. That is one now down and complete.


This next poison totem is located in the central area. It too also has a small structure behind it. Now examine this small structure and you should be able to locate a small gap inside of it. As if this structure has taken some damage recently.

Once you manage to find and locate this small gap go ahead and inspect it in order to find a red explosive. Yes, we need to target these in order to remove the poison totems. This is what exploded earlier, with the previous totem. Each poison totem has an explosive next to it. All we need to do is find and locate each one.


This third and final poison totem is located to the western side of the area. In order to remove this one we will need to search around the back of this totem.

Around the back of this totem will be our little red explosive. BOOM!

Now that should have successfully taken care of all 3 poison totems. Proceed and report back to Astrid to complete the quest.


Poison corrupts the spirit’s garden. We must destroy them to bring life back to the land.

Destroy the poison totems.


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