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Freya’s Missing Peace is an optional Favour side quest that can be found and completed within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is a quest that relates to the character Freya and her wanting to separate her ties and connections to both Odin and Asgard.

We can unlock this quest by just randomly exploring around the Vanaheim region. Freya will then want us to travel to the Goddess Falls, which is to the south of Vanaheim.

LOCATION: Vanaheim (Freyr’s Camp / Goddess Falls)

QUEST NAME: Freya’s Missing Peace

REWARDS: Freya 1500 XP, Mardoll, Steel Harmony, Regal Vanir Garments



Travel around the lake of Vanaheim and Freya should start talking about her ‘unfinished business’ and that she had left something behind. Near the falls.

Once the quest does indeed trigger our next objective will then be to travel to the Cliffside Ruins, which is to the south of Pilgrim’s Landing and south west of Freyr’s Camp.

Once you arrive at the Cliffside Ruins you should then be able to locate a chain that is currently being blocked by several vines. This can be a bit tricky as we need to somehow get this chain down so that we can climb it. However, in order to do that we need to remove the vines. Unfortunately these vines are a bit difficult to reach, especially from ground level.

In order to remedy this problem and to actually be able to remove these vines we will need to climb up the nearby wall. This wall is located next to the spirit in the area. We can only reach these vines from up here.

Head closer to these vines and make sure that Freya has her Chain Element arrows (pink arrows) equipped. Use the wall next to you and use the Chain Element arrows to connect a domino type effect from this wall to the set of vines. Then once you have done that proceed and use your blades in order to remove these vines and lower the chain. We should now be able to climb up the chain and continue on.

Once you have climbed up the chain you will then need to use the chisel seal here in order to open the large gate that is currently blocking the river. This will then allow us to ride the river past this gate and towards the Goddess Falls and the wedding shrine. Basically this is our next destination.

Once you arrive at the Goddess Falls simply proceed and climb up the wall until you reach the very top of the area. Here there will be another wall that we can interact with. It will be covered with grass and leaves but Freya will be able to unlock and open it. We will then uncover a new secret location.

In this next area we will confront a bunch of Reavers, deal with them and then head left towards another locked door.

This locked door will have two torches sitting on top of it, we need to find a way to lit both torches in order to open the door. We can do this by taking advantage of Freya’s Chain Element arrows. Simply connect both of the torches together using this arrows and then switch to your blades in order to light them.

In this next area ignore the lone enemy in here as it is currently being healed by an imp. Unfortunately this imp creature is located in the next area and cannot be targeted here. So instead destroyed the next wall of vines by using both your blades and Freya’s Chain Element arrows.

Continue on into the next area and eliminate the imp here, along with the remaining threat too. From there follow Freya for a brief scene.

From there have Freya unlock the next wall of greenery in the area and use the chisel in order to reveal the ancient words. Unfortunately Freya cannot read them from here, so we will need to head back to the main area once again.

When you get close to these ancient words, once again Freya will not be able to read them. This time she mentions that these words are incomplete. We are not done here just yet.

So with that if you turn your attention to the right you should notice a bridge. We need to lower this bridge and cross it.

In order to lower this bridge we need to remove the chains that are currently holding the bridge up and in place. Plus we also need to remove the vines on the wall that are blocking the second set of chains. Remember to make use of Freya’s Chain Element arrows.

Once the bridge has been lowered all you need to do then is to follow the path and eliminate the enemy threat in the process. Same as before, on the other side of this area.

Follow Freya and watch a small scene of her holding one of her cherished objects and then have her destroy the wall with greenery attached to it. Interact with the next chisel in order to fully complete the ancient text below.

In order to escape the area we will then need to remove another section of vines. Lower the following chain and interact with the ancient text.

Follow the bridge that then spawns after having read this ancient text and head into the next area for another scene.

After the scene we will then unlock the It Was A Good Day trophy achievement. Escape the shrine to complete the quest.


Freya seeks to remedy something from her past. The site with her wedding with Odin is our destination.

Reach the entrance of Freya’s wedding shrine


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