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Cure For The Dead is an optional Favour side quest that can be found and unlocked within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is quite a simple quest that requires very minimal effort in completing.

The Favour itself can be found and unlocked within the Pilgrim’s Landing region. Which is part of Vanaheim. Here we can find and speak with a sick spirit who wishes for us to go and find ingredients in order to cure her sickness. Only then will this spirit accept and pass on peacefully.

LOCATION: Pilgrim’s Landing (Vanaheim)

QUEST NAME: Cure For The Dead

REWARDS: Kratos – 500XP, Freya – 125XP, x13 Whispering Slab, Svartalfheim Amulet Enchantment



Head to Pilgrim’s Landing, which is to the south west of Freyr’s Camp. Once you arrive there will be some enemy targets to deal with. Once they have been successfully dealt with then a female spirit will appear and plead for our help. A spirit known as Mari.

Mari is a sick spirit who is refusing to move on into the afterlife. She also strongly believes that Freya is the one who can come up with a concoction that can remove this said sickness. All we need to do is go and find the correct ingredients.

Thankfully we only need 3 pieces of ingredients and all of them are located in this exact same location. So there is no need to travel too far away. The path is also rather linear.

In order to find the first ingredient we will need to lower the nearby bridge. We can do this by switching over to Freya’s Chain Element arrows (the pink arrows). Use the Chain Element arrows and target the lit torch on the wall. By doing this the fire from the torch will then burn away the vines.

Once the vines have been removed we can then begin targeting the chains that are currently holding the bridge in place. If you have managed to do all of this correctly then the bridge should then be accessible and we can then use it to cross over to the other side.

After crossing over the now lowered bridge we will then, immediately, be able to locate the first ingredient. One down two more to go.

After retrieving the first ingredient you will then need to deal with the next wave of enemy targets. Warning, these specific targets will be getting an enhanced boost from other nearby enemies in the area. Deal with them first. Failing to do so will allow these targets to get healed over time, making our efforts to dispose of them somewhat of a waste.

The second ingredient can then be found in this area. Near the treasure chest. Feel free to take it and that now only leaves us with one more left.

After collecting the second ingredient there will now only be one more left to find. However, another locked bridge is currently blocking our path. Yes, it is time for another quick puzzle.

What we need to do here, in order to lower this bridge, is to turn around and look for a hanging mechanism. This mechanism should have two unlit torches on it. Now if you look up and to the left you should also find another unlit torch. Hm..

Our objective is to lit both of these two torches on the hanging mechanism. We can do this by looking up and to the right. Here there should be a fourth torch, this one is actually lit. Unlike the other three. So with this in mind, proceed to use your blades and move this hanging mechanism to the right. Move it to the right so that the unlit torch catches on fire. We should now have two lit torches, one of which sits on the hanging mechanism.

Now switch to Freya and use her Chain Element arrows and target the mechanism. This should cause a chain reaction from the lit torch to the unlit torch. Now all three torches should be fully lit. There is now only one more torch in this area that has yet to be lit.

In order to be able to lit this fourth and final torch we will, again, need to use our blades and this time move the hanging mechanism over to the left. Like we did before in order to lit the torch on the hanging mechanism.

Once all four torches have been lit and are all burning with fire we can then concentrate on removing the vines on the nearby wall. This can be done by using Freya’s Chain Element arrows.

With vines having been removed we can then simply remove the chains are are still holding the bridge in place. Once they have been removed the bridge will be lowered and we can move on into the next area.

This next area will be a dead end area but it does hold the third and final ingredient. Once you have collected it proceed and speak with Mari to complete the quest.


The spirit seeks Mangold, Mire, and Pome. These ingredients should be somewhere nearby in the ruins.

Find the items the spirit seeks.


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