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In Plain Sight is a basic and straightforward optional Favour side quest within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It involves finding evidence of animal attacks.

The quest itself can be found to the west of The Plains. In order to trigger the quest you will need to find and inspect animals that have been viciously attacked in the area.

As said this quest is rather basic and all of it can be done without moving out of the area or travelling very far.

LOCATION: The Plains – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: In Plain Sight

REWARDS: Kratos – 3,000 XP, Freya – 750 XP, Hunter’s Brand

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A. Find an animal corpse.


Head to the west of The Plains in order to find signs of a vicious animal attack. The animal looks scarred and burnt. Freya will suggest that it was probably attacked by a Soul Eater.

In order to continue our investigation we will now need to find signs of another animal attack in the area. We can find more remains and evidence next to another large rock to the north west.

Okay let us now hunt for the culprit, the Soul Eater.

The Soul Eater can be found in this area, though it does enjoy trying to be somewhat camouflaged. It is currently laying on the ground, resembling a large rock or boulder. Try to find it and a fight against the Soul Eater will commence.

Unlike most enemies within God Of War Ragnarok, the Soul Eater only has one major weakness. Its weakness is its mouth.

Whilst trying to attack it whilst its mouth is closed may be fun, it is actually rather pointless too as it will do minimal damage, if any at all. So wait until it opens its mouth and then fire spear projectiles at it.

Defeat the Soul Eater to complete the quest.


We found one corpse, but that is not enough to go on. Finding other corpses could help us narrow down where the Soul Eater hides.

Find more evidence of Soul Eater activity


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