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Nocturnal Predator is an optional Favour Quest within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It involves messing around with dark wisps and rescuing helpless animals.

The quest is part of the Vanaheim region and it requires you to be playing during nightfall. It is a simple task that requires minimal effort. All of it can be performed in one simple area. No need to run around like a headless chicken.

LOCATION: The Plains – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: Nocturnal Predator

REWARDS: Kratos – 3,000 XP, Freya – 750 XP, Hunter’s Brand, Gale Flame

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A. Find a helpless animal and rescue them.


In order to begin this one we will need to travel to The Plains over in Vanaheim. From there you will need to change the time of day and make sure it is nightfall. Most locations with a Mystic Gateway will have the required facilities to change the time of day.

Once you have changed the time of day to nightfall you will then want to make your way to the central part of the map. Between both The Sinkholes and The Plains.

Here we should encounter one of the native animals being attacked by a dark wisp. Use your blades on this wisp to stop it and scare it off. Freya will suggest that there may be more animals out there that need our help.

In fact there are a total of 3 animals that all need rescuing from these wisps. We have already managed to rescue one of them, so that leaves us with two left. The other two are located in this area. One to the north east and the other to the east side of the area.

As we continue to search for these animals you should come across a circled plate with lit runes. This plate will play a part in our quest very shortly. Remember its location.

Once you have managed to find and rescue all of the animals we will then need to make our way over to the plate that I just mentioned. We will then confront the Flame Phantom.

With the Flame Phantom simply attack its eye to cause damage to it. When it is stunned you can then go straight to the offence and deal even more damage to it. However, when it disappears you will then need to attack the nearby pillars that the wisps ran into.

Defeat the Flame Phantom to complete the quest.


Capture the wisps


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