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Quaking Hollow is another simple and straightforward optional Favour Quest within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It requires players to find our the cause of tremors suddenly occurring in the area. Could it be the result of an earthquake? Perhaps there is more to it than that?

This particular side quest will trigger automatically when you reach the eastern side of The Plains. So simply make your way over to Vanaheim and lets solve this latest mystery!

LOCATION: The Plains – Vanaheim

QUEST NAME: Quaking Hollow

REWARDS: Kratos – 4,500 XP, Freya – 1,125 XP

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A. Head to the desired location


Make your way to the eastern side of The Plains, which is a location within Vanaheim. We can reach our destination by proceeding to ride the zipline down to the lower ground area. We will then arrive in The Sinkholes.

From there remove the poison on the nearby platform. This poison plays our gateway to the start of our side quest. As soon as we clear the poison and cross over to the other side we will then begin to feel a strange tremor.

Continue on through the area. In this next area we will encounter a dragon, one in which we cannot kill or fight right now. So ignore it and head to the right side of the area.

Proceed to open the gate that is currently blocking our path. Continue on and remove the nearby vines and poison. Kratos will conclude that we are near to the source of these tremors.

As Mimir suggests there must be a way across to the other side of this next area. Indeed there is. In order to find it we must first remove the vines. These vines are actually hiding a grappling hook that we need to use.

Once across to the other side simply drop down to the next path and crawl through the hole amongst the rocks. This will then lead to a dead end area with a fight against Crag Jaw. The cause of all of these tremors.

Defeat Crag Jaw to complete this quest.


There are massive tremors in the plains that do not seem natural. We could investigate.

Find the source of the tremors.


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