Batman Arkham Knight – Oracle Kidnapping (Clock Tower Puzzle)

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After exploring ACE Chemicals we will then get a report that Oracle, Detective Gordon’s daughter, has been kidnapped. Her last known location was back at the Clock Tower.

Once we arrive at the Clock Tower there will be no sign of Oracle. The only clue that we can find is hidden on the computer.

By interacting with this computer we will initiate a small puzzle.


After your visit to ACE Chemicals you will then get a report that Oracle has been kidnapped and her last known location was back at the Clock Tower. Our objective now is to go and check out the Clock Tower in hopes of finding possible clues to where she might have been taken.

The Clock Tower is east of Perdition Bridge. We visited this location just before we were tasked with going to ACE Chemicals. The entrance to which is located on the rooftop.

Here we can inspect the computer in order to try and pinpoint as to where Oracle, Barbara Gordon, might have been taken to using the security footage.

This security footage will give us a total of four possible camera angles but only one of which will be useful to us. We can zoom in on the footage, select a specific camera, and rotate the footage.

Feel free to watch the various different cameras, most of which will showcase of bunch of thugs. However, the main camera that we want to turn our attention to is the camera on the top right.

If we rotate this camera enough we will then see several vehicles pull up to a building. If we scan one of these buildings Batman will mention that the Militia probably took Barbara away in one of these vehicles. But which vehicle?

Keep rotating the camera and we will notice the Arkham Knight walk out of the Clock Tower with Barbara. Keep rotating the camera and we will find out which vehicle they used.


Rescue Oracle from the Arkham Knight –

Investigate the Clock Tower for clues to help locate Oracle


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