(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Bramble Barricade Puzzle (The Runaway)

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We will come across this particular puzzle whilst playing as Atreus. Here we will find ourselves on The Runaway mission chapter and in the location of the Plains Of Ida. Which is a location within Asgard.

After climbing up the wall we will then be met with a set of brambles that are currently blocking our path. We need to find a way to remove them before we can proceed.


This particular bramble puzzle is located within the Plains Of Ida, which is a location within Asgard. Just before you reach the Hrimthur’s Wall.

After climbing up a much smaller wall we will then have our path blocked by these brambles. Forcing us to find a way to remove them.

We will encounter this puzzle whilst playing as the character Atreus.


After discovering this puzzle you will notice that there is a set of brambles to the right and, more importantly, a small bonfire to the left.

Now Atreus, just like with Freya, is capable of using Chain Elements and Sigils. It is this ability that we will need to use in order to remove this bramble barricade.

Equip the Chain Element ability, which is usually the pink coloured option or bow. Just like the Sonic Arrow is the green coloured option. We can swap between bows and arrows by using the directional pad.

Now with the Chain Element arrows equipped aim at the brambles and connect them towards the bonfire. Just like we did in the previous river puzzle.

Connect these Chain Elements from the brambles to the bonfire and then ignite the bonfire by aiming an arrow towards it. If you have managed to do this all correctly then the Chain Elements should then catch fire and burn away the brambles.


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