(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – How To Find The Norns (Wolves Tracking)

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When you reach The Word Of Fate mission chapter of the (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok main story, you will find yourself having to follow the scent and tracking of the wolves using the sled. We need to do this in order to find and locate the Norns.

Having to use the wolves to track down the various different locations and sources is another new feature within God Of War series. It is a new mechanic known simply as Scent Tracking

During this procedure we will be travelling around the map using a sled. Meanwhile the wolves will be tracking and leading us to our destination. During this section of the game the usual mission marker is no longer displayed on the map.

Having to follow the wolves tracking can be rather confusing, especially since it is a new mechanic. In order to correctly follow their tracking we need to keep a close eye on their heads. Their heads and, rather, nose, will lead us in the direction that we need to go in. When we are close to our destination they will then begin to get excited and begin barking.

Still, as said, all of this can get rather confusing. So below is the various different locations that you will need in order to find and locate the Norns.

(NOTE: You will need to visit all 3 locations. You cannot simply skip the locations and jump straight to the correct location. This, unfortunately, does not work. I have tried it and tested it. The game will not let you get past the iced wall which is located within the correct location. Plus Mimir also comments on needing to locate all 3 locations. At least he hints towards this)


As said there is a total of 3 different locations that you will need to go to before we can then explore the correct and final location.

Most of these locations will be rather bare in terms of finding collectibles and do not have much purpose to them other than to progress with the story. They do feel rather disappointing and pointless, especially when you cannot skip them.

However, having said that, they do feature rather difficult enemy threats. Presumably as traps setup by the Norns.

GUIDE: This first location is to the north east of the Lake Of Nine map. In a location known as King’s Grave.

Here we will confront several waves of enemies, one of which is a Fierce Ogre. Prioritise this Fierce Ogre in order to weaken it enough in order to then be able to ride it around the area. Thus making short and quick work of all other remaining enemy threats.

After that you will then need to inspect a small grave in order for Freya to later realise that this is not the correct location.

GUIDE: This next location is to the south west of the Lake Of Nine map. Search for a half buried and abandoned boat. Go past that and follow the snow path to this location.

Here Freya will point out a wall and will assume that the Norns are hiding something behind it. Use Freya to remove the wall. Unfortunately this is not the correct location. There is nothing here.

However, by removing this wall it will then trigger a fight against a Frost Graoungr. Which is an ice beast that moves around rather fast and uses both ramming and ice elemental attacks in order to try and slow you down.

GUIDE: This third and final location is to the north of the map. Locate some ruins and head past those. This will then lead to a wall that we must climb up. Up here there will be an ice wall that we can interact and squeeze through. (Note: This exact same ice wall is what was stopping me from progressing without first visiting the other locations)


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