(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – River Elements Puzzle (Western Barri Woods)

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During your adventures through Vanaheim and the Western Barri Woods you will come across a small river of water and a tutorial on Chain Elements.

Chain Elements is a new mechanic within the God of War series and this will be our first time having to use it. The ability is connected to the character Freya. It allows us to connect her Sigils together to form a chain element. They also have the ability to grow in size and can be useful for hard to reach locations.

This puzzle is also connected to The Reckoning mission chapter of the story.


This particular puzzle is located within Vanaheim and the Western Barri Woods. During The Reckoning mission chapter of the story we will be with Freya.

When we reach the small river within the Western Barri Woods we will then be given a tutorial on Chain Elements, a new mechanic within the God of War series. One of which is connected to the character Freya.

When we inspect this river we will notice a bunch of brambles and mysterious fallen ring structure. Freya will also give us a quick hint as to how to solve this one. Apparently her Sigils work well on brambles.


In order to solve this puzzle we will need to make use of this fallen ring structure, mainly because it is closer to us than the set of brambles. Though, we will need to interact with these brambles they cannot be used on their own.

So begin by placing Freya’s Sigils along the brambles and then connect these Sigils to the fallen ring structure. Like a chain, exactly what the ability is classed as, a ‘CHAIN’ Element. You are basically chaining and connecting Sigils.

Connect these Sigils from the brambles to the fallen ring structure. Then equip the Blades of Chaos and ignite the structure on fire. By igniting this structure the chain of Sigils will explode too, causing the brambles to burn and disappear.

This is why the Sigils need to be connected to this ring structure alongside the brambles. We need to ignite it all but without the structure we cannot reach the brambles.

Think of these Sigils as a chain of connected dominoes or mines that we need to explode and ignite. Thinking this way will hopefully make this puzzle much more easier to solve.


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