(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Broken Bridge Puzzle (The Reckoning)

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Whilst exploring Vanaheim and The Abandoned Village during The Reckoning mission of (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok, you will come across a damaged or broken bridge. This will inniate a puzzle

This puzzle is quite straightforward and should be simple enough to complete and solve. We will be presented with a turning mechanism and a bunch of brambles.

Okay lets begin…


This particular puzzle is located within Vanaheim and in The Abandoned Village.

During The Reckoning mission we will be teamed up with Freya in her attempts to be untied and free to explore the many different realms.

It is during this mission that we will come across this puzzle. Here we will be presented with a bunch of brambles and a turning mechanism.


Begin this puzzle by first locating the bucket that appears to be stuck within the brambles. If you look closely this bucket also has a grappling hook attached to it, must be useful. Still how do we free this bucket so that we can use it?

The simple solution to this would be to equip the Blades of Chaos and burn these brambles, thus freeing the bucket.

Now equip the Leviathan Axe and begin turning the large mechanism in the middle of the area. This can be done by aiming at the small circled panels attached to it. You will now notice that this bucket has fire on it, so it is more of a fire pot than a bucket I suppose.

Keep turning this mechanism using the Leviathan Axe until you can grapple across on over to the other side. To the other platform.

Here you should notice yet more brambles to the left. What we need to do now is to burn them but they are much too far away for us to reach with the blades. Hm.

Keep turning the mechanism using the Leviathan Axe until the fire pot is positioned between both Kratos and the next set of brambles.

Now we can use the fire pot and our Chaos Blades in order to swing this fire around and hopefully it will land in the brambles.

Once the other set of brambles have been successfully burnt we can then turn the mechanism once again, using the Leviathan Axe. Our objective now is to grapple on back to the other platform once again.

Then keep turning the mechanism so that we can then grapple on over to the damaged bridge, where the brambles used to be.


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