(GOW) God Of War Ragnarok – Gate Geyser Puzzle (The Forge – Forging Destiny)

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During the Forging Destiny mission story chapter of (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok we will be accompanied by the character Brok. Together we will end up returning and exploring The Forge once again.

Upon our return to The Forge we will be able to gain access to a new location. This new location will have a small village and we will be tasked with eliminating Nightmare nests.

As we continue to destroy these nests we will also be required to activate this elevator lift so that we can then continue on with the story.

This will then lead us to a small puzzle that involves having to open a gate and play around with geysers.


This particular puzzle is located on our return trip to The Forge. Here we will be accompanied by Brok. Who will help us unlock the gate that will lead us to a brand new location.

In this new location we will be tasked with eliminating the Nightmare nests so that we can activate the elevator lift in the area.

Whilst exploring and searching for these nests we will come across a rather simple puzzle. This puzzle will involve geysers, gates, and more lifts.


In order to solve this puzzle we can begin by tracking down the brambles to the right. These brambles are currently blocking the small elevator lift here. Use your Blades of Chaos in order to ignite these brambles and remove them.

From there turn around to find a wall we can grapple up to. Up here we will find the geysers. Meanwhile Brok will make his way on to the lift and wait for us to activate it.

At the start of God Of War Ragnarok we were given a tutorial on how to solve these geyser puzzles. We can solve them by freezing our Leviathan Axe and aiming the weapon at the geyser, this will then freeze it and allow us to cross over to the other side.

Now head across the nearby bridge and there will be another geyser. Summon the Leviathan Axe back, if you have not already done so. Then freeze this next geyser, this will then activate the lift that Brok is currently standing on.

Cross back over the bridge once again and summon your Leviathan Axe before then freezing the geyser once again. Cross on over and make your way to the lift that Brok was originally on.

Once you are on the lift summon your Leviathan Axe back once again and issue Brok to activate the lift for us. Yes, after he reaches the upper level of the area he will then go and seek out a control panel that also operates the lift.

Ride this lift on up to the top level and here we will locate the gate. This is the gate that we are currently trying to open. Seek out a wall that we can grapple up. Mimir will mention that this location seems promising, indeed it is.

Issue Brok to lower the elevator lift now and this will also move another lift, an unusable one. This second lift is basically just an obstacle that is currently in our way.

With this second lift removed out of our way we can then locate the geyser below. We need to use the Leviathan Axe and freeze this geyser. Do NOT summon your Leviathan Axe back as freezing this geyser unlocks the nearby gate.

Now issue Brok to move the lift once again and this will basically open the gate for us. We can then continue on with the story.


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