Bayonetta 3 – All Collectibles (Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling)

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Bayonetta 3 has a lot of collectibles that can be found throughout the game. These collectible usually include Medallion Shards, Figure BoxesCard Packs, Treasure ChestsUmbran TearsEcho Of MemoriesChallenges, and more…

Finding and collecting them all can be quite a challenge in itself. Many are hidden behind hard to reach locations or require you to complete rather frustrating and difficult objectives. Still if you do manage to collect them all, it can be somewhat satisfying too.

Some of these collectibles are also added to the Gallery menu that becomes unlocked after completing the first chapter mission. These include artwork, character models, and more.

Anyway for the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the collectibles that can be found within Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling

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COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #1
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Right at the start of the chapter follow the damaged road to the left. The figure box is located within the cracks of the road.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Continue along the damaged road until you find a treasure box floating around in mid-air. Head towards it and begin shooting at it for it to break and reveal the Broken Moon Pearl.

COLLECTABLE: Heavenly Light #1
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Continue through the small tunnel with the train cars and you will come across this light pillar.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #2
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: This figure box is located inside the train car within the tunnel.

VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Exit the train car and head towards the tunnel exit. Do not exit the tunnel. The toad is on the wall of the tunnel exit.

VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Exit the tunnel and stick to the right path. The Umbran Crow is located in the top of this next wall. Use G-Pillar to jump into it and catch it.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl #2
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Immediately after reaching Tokyo: Taito you will want to jump on to the nearby rooftop, to the left. Here we will find one of those challenge portals. This challenge will see us against x2 Floccus. You will be required to reach 5000 combo points in order to complete this challenge. This can potentially be a long one as every time you take damage the combo points drop back to zer0.

COLLECTABLE: Echoes Of Memory
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: This echoes of memory can be found by dropping down from the building rooftop, to the left. Then following the path around and you should end up running into it.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: After meeting up with Luka we will be pitted up against a new foe, Fractus. After the fight head towards the buildings to the right. The card pack can be found here.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Continue along the row of buildings and there will be a gap in between them, one of which will contain the record collectible.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Follow the path up to the top and here amongst the next set of buildings is our Umbran Cat.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: After catching the Umbran Cat simply jump up to the isolated building rooftop in this area in order to find a Scurrier.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart 2
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Drop down from the building rooftop and search around this building for a treasure box. Once you start attacking this treasure box it will come to life and you will have to beat it in a fight in order to collect this one.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart 3
VERSE: Verse 4
GUIDE: Just behind the buildings north from here is our next challenge portal. This time we need to try and survive in tricky terrain, such as ice. In order to complete this one we will need to equip G-Pillar and run around as a transformed Gomorrah.

VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: After the next scene and boss fight proceed back up the wall, to where we came from. Up here there will be a section of tent to the right. The figure box resides behind these tents.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #4
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: From the previous Figure Box keep following this path around to the right and you should run into it.

COLLECTABLE: Echoes Of Memory #2
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: Keep following this same path around and you will come across another one of the time manipulative battle, where we get turned into Cereza. Simply avoid the foe’s attacks and run up to it in order to defeat it. Then use the fallen foe’s remains in create a bridge that we will then need to reach. The collectible sits on top of this newly formed bridge.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart #4
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: This one is a bit of a tricky one to get as the treasure box is hiding behind the clouds or erasure. Anyway head towards the set of stairs and you should be able to see it behind the clouds. Summon Gomorrah and attack the clouds and hopefully it will break the treasure box in the process. It worked for me after a few attempts. I used the ‘Fire Breath’ attack with the ‘Y’ button.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart 5
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: Head into the next area and you should be able to spot a white truck that is parked next to a building. The Broken Witch Heart is located behind this said truck, simply destroy the treasure box to find it.

VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: This card pack can be found and located near the portal to the Gates of Hell.

COLLECTABLE: Card Pack (3)
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: Whilst riding around as a spider and before you reach the train tracks, there will be a small building structure to the left. Immediately as soon as you regain control. The collectible can be found here.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box (5)
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: After trying to avoid the train cars keep going and you will reach the next section of broken road. Keep following this road until you reach a building rooftop to the right. The figure box is up here.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box (6)
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: Continuing on past the previous collectible you will arrive at more rooftops alongside a wall to the left. The final collectible can be found behind one of the structures on the last rooftop.


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