Bayonetta 3 – All Collectibles (Side Chapter – The Crimson Shadow)

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Bayonetta 3 has a lot of collectibles that can be found throughout the game. These collectible usually include Medallion Shards, Figure BoxesCard Packs, Treasure ChestsUmbran TearsEcho Of MemoriesChallenges, and more…

Finding and collecting them all can be quite a challenge in itself. Many are hidden behind hard to reach locations or require you to complete rather frustrating and difficult objectives. Still if you do manage to collect them all, it can be somewhat satisfying too.

Some of these collectibles are also added to the Gallery menu that becomes unlocked after completing the first chapter mission. These include artwork, character models, and more.

Anyway for the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the collectibles that can be found within Side Chapter – The Crimson Shadow

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – A Sinking FeelingNEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Worlds Apart

COLLECTABLE: Echoes Of Memory
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: Continue on as normal and unlock the gate and head down into the water, here we will activate the Centipede form. As a centipede continue swimming towards the left of the screen.

COLLECTABLE: Echoes Of Memory #2
GUIDE: Keep heading towards the left of the screen and you will reach a small tunnel, we will also unlock a Bewitchment here too. This next echoes of memory collectible is located on the other side of this tunnel.

GUIDE: Make your way back out of the water by climbing the ladders up. Here activate the platform and jump up to the platforms above. Head to a platform with red laser beams. In this area you will want to climb through the vents in order to reach the figure box.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #2
GUIDE: Exit the vents by going back the way we came. From there jump to the platform above and to the right. Destroy the turret above to remove the red laser beams that are currently blocking your path. Then ride the next elevator lift down and it will be on the left.


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