Bayonetta – All Collectibles (Chapter 1 – The Angel’s Metropolis) Guide

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Bayonetta has quite a few interesting collectibles and secrets that players can discover. These include the Witches’ Resting Places (Treasure Tombs), Alfheim Portals, Antonio’s Notes, and Golden LPs

Getting and finding all of these will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Treasure Collector, Treasure Fanatic, The Path to the Heavens, Angel May Cry, Angel Slayer, Record Fanatic, Record Collector, and Truth in its Purest Form

This specific page will be showing the locations to all of these collectibles that can be found during Chapter 1 – The Angel’s Metropolis. This chapter has a total of 2 Resting Places, 3 Antonio Notes, 1 Golden LP, and 1 Alfheim Portal. That is a total of 7 collectibles that can be found during this chapter


COLLECTIBLE: Witches’ Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: We can find this first resting place (which will hold a key), after we destroy a breakable wall. This will then give us a tutorial on extending our jump duration.

Simply drop down to the floor below in order to find this tomb.

COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (A Voyage Towards The Truth)
GUIDE: This first set of notes can be found after inserting the key we picked up from the resting place into the door (verse 2)

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Use Witch Time! – Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated during Witch Time!)
GUIDE: After fixing the statues during verse 2 we can then progress through the water. From there continue on and destroy the breakable wall, this will then activate the elevator platform.

Ignore the elevator platform for now and head to where the resting tomb was to find the Alfheim portal.

COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (The Crystal Witch & Sage)
GUIDE: After the Gates of Hell introduction scene, proceed down the stairs to find these notes

COLLECTIBLE: Witches’ Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: After the Gates of Hell introduction scene proceed downstairs to the Central Station. The resting tomb is to the right of the area

COLLECTIBLE: Gold LPs (Trois Marches Militaires)
GUIDE: After defeating both the Applaud and Beloved we will then reach verse 5. As a reward for winning the fight we will be able to collect the Trois Marches Militaires hymn LP

COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (A Witch’s Brew)
GUIDE: At the start of verse 8 we will come across a bridge, just before we head across this bridge there will be a set of notes for us to collect.

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Vigrid, City Of Deja Vu


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