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Bayonetta has quite a few interesting collectibles and secrets that players can discover. These include the Witches’ Resting Places (Treasure Tombs), Alfheim PortalsAntonio’s Notes, and Golden LPs

Getting and finding all of these will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Treasure Collector, Treasure FanaticThe Path to the HeavensAngel May CryAngel SlayerRecord FanaticRecord Collector, and Truth in its Purest Form

This specific page will be showing the locations to all of these collectibles that can be found during Chapter 2 – Vigrid, City Of Deja Vu. This chapter has a total of 4 Resting Places, 4 Antonio Notes, 1 Golden LP, and 3 Alfheim Portal. That is a total of 12 collectibles that can be found during this chapter

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COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (An Unknown Metal Wall)
GUIDE: Once we reach verse 3 there will be a scene involving the moon. Head through the following door to find the notes.

COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (Notes On The Topic Of Magic -1)
GUIDE: At the start of verse 4 and after the scenes involving Luka, we can find our set of notes under the nearby building.

COLLECTIBLE: Witches’ Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: This treasure tomb is practically right next to the previous set of Antonio notes.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Limited Kicks And Punches! – Defeat all the angels before time expires using the limited number of punches and kicks allotted!)
GUIDE: After the Enchant battle we will be on to verse 5. From here head back up the street in order to find the Alfheim portal.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Defeat all Enemies! – Defeat all the angels before time expires!)
GUIDE: Head past the burning tram and just before we reach the small courtyard section there will be an archway. The next Alfheim portal is up there.

COLLECTIBLE: Witches’ Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: After taking care of the last Alfheim portal we should now be on verse 7. Head to the small courtyard now and there will be 2 resting tombs in dead end streets.

COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (Note on the Topic of Magic -II)
GUIDE: Just above one of the resting tombs, on a stairway, is one of the notebooks.

COLLECTIBLE: Gold Hymn LP (Quasi una Fantasia)
GUIDE: After we have defeated the two Beloved bosses and completed verse 7, the Gold LP will appear as a reward.

COLLECTIBLE: Witches’ Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: From the Beloved fight continue on and head down some stairs in order to trigger the verse 9 fight. The treasure tomb is here.

COLLECTIBLE: Antonio’s Notes (About The Umbra Witches -1)
GUIDE: After repairing the statues during verse 9, we will then be able to find this notebook by the statues.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Use Torture Attacks! – Defeat all the angels before time expires while executing the required number of Torture Attacks!)
GUIDE: After repairing the statues during verse 9 an Alfheim portal will then trigger and activate. In order to find it we will need to travel all the way back to the courtyard where we had a cinematic scene involving Luka, it is also where we managed to find the Notes On The Topic Of Magic -1 notebook.

Here we will need to head up the stairs and we should be able to easily spot the portal.

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