(BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition – Freeing The Djinni (Side Quest) Guide

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Freeing The Djinni is one of the many different side quests featured within (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition

It involves freeing a Genie from a magical lamp and searching for a Flask

  • SIDE QUEST: Freeing The Djinni
  • QUEST GIVER: Genie
  • QUEST CHAPTER: CHAPTER 1 – Irenicus Dungeon
  • QUEST REWARDS: Sword of Chaos +2, 15000XP
  • This one can be triggered by activating the Magical Lamp. However, in order to reach this said Genie you will first need to unlock the door to the his room.
  • In order to unlock the door you will need to first off head to the Master Bedroom
  • Once you are in the Master Bedroom, go ahead and inspect the small drawer in the room in order to obtain the Air Elemental Statue
  • Now with the Statue in hand we can visit the locked door that you probably passed earlier on. The one by the Duergar
  • Now this room is rather small and linear so you should not miss the necessary Magical Lamp.
  • A Genie will now appear, apparently he was enslaved and bound to the Magical Lamp. He also mentions that he has something that belongs to us, however he wont give us it until he gets his Flask
  • In order to find his Flask you will need to speak to the Dryads (Ulene)
  • Simply inquire about the Flask and they will give it to you, simple really.
  • Return back to the Genie in order to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with Sword of Chaos +2 and 15000XP for your efforts.


To retrieve what is in possession of the djinni Malaaq, I must first secure his release by obtaining the twin to the flask he is bound to.

He informed me that the flask is kept close to his master…. either in his chambers or in the possession of some dryads or golems.


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