(BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition – Get The Golem To Open The Doors (Side Quest) Guide

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Get The Golem To Open The Doors is one of the many different side quests featured within (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition

It involves hunting down an Activation Stone in order to have the Golem open the locked doors.

  • SIDE QUEST: Get The Golem To Open The Doors
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A You need to find the Activation Stone
  • QUEST CHAPTER: CHAPTER 1 – Irenicus Dungeon
  • QUEST REWARDS: Unlock doors
  • Perhaps this isn’t a side quest as such as there are doors that you need to actually gain entry into.
  • You may also come across the Stone before you actually arrive at the Golem, if not then do not worry.
  • Anyway, you do not need to travel too far for this one so it doesn’t matter which order you do this in.
  • You need an Activation Stone, which you can find in the room with Rielev. Simply inspect the tables in the room in order to actually find it
  • With the Activation Stone we can proceed with finding and speaking to the Golem
  • The Golem as said is not very far away, in fact the room is just below the Activation Stone room. As well as the Golem you will also spot a Mineral Mephit.
  • After dealing with the Mephit, you can then proceed with talking to the Golem in the room. (Sewage Golem)
  • Order the Golem to open the currently locked doors, you will need to use the newly acquired Activation Stone in order to do so.
  • The Golem will now head off in search of locked doors to open.


With the activation stone in my possession, the sewage golem has agreed to go about it’s duties… among which is the opening of the magically sealed doors in this level of the dungeon.


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