(BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition – How To Release Minsc / Jaheira (Side Quest) Guide

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How To Release Minsc / Jaheira is one of the many different side quests featured within (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition

It involves having to find a way to free Minsc and Jaheira from their cages

  • SIDE QUEST: Find A Way To Release Jaheira From Her Cell, Find A Way To Release Minsc From His Cell
  • QUEST CHAPTER: CHAPTER 1 – Irenicus Dungeon
  • QUEST REWARDS: Recruit Jaheira, Recruit Minsc
  • This optional activity can be done as soon as you gain control of your character. It opens the game up to being able to recruit your first set of companion characters.
  • As you gain control you should notice two more cages behind you, this is where you will encounter both Minsc and Jaheira
  • Go ahead and speak to them, for the sake of this guide we will talk to Minsc first.
  • Freeing or releasing Minsc from his cell is the easiest task, simply talk to him and eventually he will end up breaking the bars himself. Of course he will blame you for annoying him enough, causing him to go Berserk
  • As for Jaheira, freeing her requires a bit more of an effort.
  • After speaking to her, you will then want to head into the room in the South East. There will be a Golem in here but don’t worry he wont do anything.
  • In here your main point of interest is the table in the middle of the room, here you should now find a bunch of weapons for your party. Alongside, the Jail Cell Key
  • With the Jail Cell Key in hand we can now go ahead and free Jaheira
  • Of course recruiting these characters is all optional but they do indeed act as your first recruitable companions.


I Have freed Jaheira from her cell with the key I found

Minsc has freed himself with his anger-heightened strength, bursting from his cage. Obviously, our captor underestimated the wrath of a man and his hamster


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