(BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition – How To Recruit Yoshimo (Side Quest) Guide

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How To Recruit Yoshimo is one of the many different side quests featured within (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Enhanced Edition

It involves recruiting or at least meeting up the character Yoshimo

  • SIDE QUEST: Recruiting Yoshimo
  • QUEST CHAPTER: CHAPTER 1 – Irenicus Dungeon
  • QUEST REWARDS: Recruit Yoshimo (Bounty Hunter)
  • Yoshimo is our third recruitable companion, he is a Bounty Hunter who can wield the Katana
  • Of course recruiting him is optional.
  • Now before we can actually recruit the guy, we need to travel to the Spare Bedroom
  • In here, go ahead and inspect the chest at the bottom of the bed in order to find the Portal Key
  • The Portal Key is needed to get to the area where Yoshimo can be found.
  • With the Portal Key in hand, you can travel back to the Master Bedroom and travel through the Portal.
  • Say hello to Yoshimo. Yeah, he is kind of unmissable.
  • Here you can decide if he is good enough to join your party or not, so make your mind up and the quest will end.


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