(BG3) Baldur’s Gate 3 – How To Solve The Wolf Statue Puzzle (Enclave Library / Druid Grove) Guide

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The Wolf Statue that sits inside the Enclave Library of the Druid Grove is probably the first puzzle that you will likely come across.

It is here where you will notice a large Wolf Statue sitting in the middle with several stone pedestal surrounding it, each one needs a Stone Slab sat on it. However, at this point you may also notice that sadly one of these pedestal does not have a Stone Slab.

Here is where we will now have two different options in order to solve the puzzle. Solving it is actually worth it too as it unlocks a hidden vault which holds a good Two-Handed Melee Weapon known as the Sorrow.

Okay here are your options that will allow you to get the weapon, one way is actually much easier than the other BUT you will miss out on getting any reward at all. After all it is meant to be a quest reward but for now at least you can get it earlier than that.


If you choose to do this option rather than option 2, then please be aware that you will lose out an the reward once/if you end up doing the option 2 side quest. As said this is an actual quest reward.

Okay let us begin..

First off head to the Druid Grove and to the Emerald Grove

If you have the Pass Without Trace ability then I strongly recommend you use it, as this is going to require some stealth.

In here look for a character named Rath and attempt to pickpocket him, staying crouched of course in order to increase your chances of success.

We should now have the Rune Of The Wolf in our possession, okay now it is time to head to the Enclaved Library which is in the same building. Search for a person named Healer Nettie and she will lead you inside the Library and to the Wolf Statue

Now that we have the Wolf Rune we can click on the pedestal that does not have one already. Here insert the Rune by clicking and dragging it into the empty slot and then hit Combine, now for the final step to this puzzle we need to activate each pedestal until they turn blue. After doing all of this the puzzle should then reveal the hidden vault

Head into the vault to reap your rewards!


This quest is actually attached to the Rescue Druid Halsin quest. The only difference between this option and option 1 is that Rath will gladly give you the Wolf Stone without you needing to pickpocket him.

The Wolf Statue does not open just because you inserted the Stone neither, instead you need to select the pedestal in a specific order.

If you are interested in this option then be sure to check out this page


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