(BG3) Baldur’s Gate 3 – In Case Of Death (Gale Death Puzzle) Guide

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Whoops has Gale just died during battle? Well even the smartest characters can have their off day.

However, unlike with the other companions when Gale dies a small puzzle will occur in order to actually revive him.

Thankfully this will only really occur the once and normal reviving scrolls do work on him too despite the fact that you get ‘different ones’ after completing this puzzle, so it is up to you how you plan to role with it.

However, for the first time around you will be stuck having to solve this puzzle before you can do anything because at the moment you head to his body in order to do anything the scene will occur.

So let us begin!

Gale will go over the instructions of what you will need to do in order to help him. However, chances are you won’t understand them and that is probably why you are here anyway.

Your companions will also likely help you out too (if you have them with you).

But if for whatever other reason you may have, here is a quick rundown on what is needed to be done…


For this first step you will need to open up your inventory and in Gale’s section of the inventory menu, you should notice a small pouch. Open it to witness another scene


You will now need to pick the correct coloured strand and which way to turn it too.

The correct answer to this is – Purple Thread. Counter Clockwise (Option 1)


Okay now head back to the Inventory menu and you should notice yet another pouch. Open it.

You will now receive a letter and a Flute. You only really need to use the Flute. So play the Flute and we can continue..

Now you will need to pick certain letters that form a word. This is where the letter comes in, we don’t need the letter unless you would rather solve that yourself. However, since you are here chances are you want to continue on..

So for this bit you want to select the letters that form the word DEAD D-E-A-D, which is fitting as Gale is currently DEAD


Now this part may come off as confusing as the optional names are rather long and complex to remember.

However, the easiest way to remember this and how I actually help myself to remember the name, is to forget the beginning parts of the name and remember the last 3 letters instead rather than the whole thing.

The last 3 letters to the correct name is ash so go with the name with ash at the end. Which in this case is Option 2

Hand the strange flying bird the letter in order to complete the puzzle. Then with the creature disappearing into smoke we can finally revive Gale.

So select a scroll that can revive the dead and then click on Gale TWICE in order to bring him back. If it is not working then try to get closer to his dead corpse. NOT TOO CLOSE… yeah about that…

Turns out that if you do end up getting to close to the dead body of Gale, you and anyone else near him (enemies included) will take damage so do be careful, he isn’t a mass weapon for nothing.


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