(BG3) Baldur’s Gate III – Astarion Rogue (Solo – Single Character) Full Early Access Run

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Yet another Astarion character related page added to my website, this time we focus on playing as Astarion as a Rogue class as we try to run through the Early Access phase of (BG3) Baldur’s Gate III

In this playthrough we play as Astarion ONLY, meaning no other character was used and that it is merely a party of a single character.

We used the Rogue class since Astarion technically is a Rogue and we tried to progress through as much of the Early Access as possible. Meaning we solo fight against tough foes such as Bulette, Auntie Ethel, Phase Spider, Minotaurs and much more.

For the majority of the beginning phase of the run we mainly focused on collecting the better equipment which could help us in the run, things such as The Whispering Promise, Dragon’s Grasp, Gloves of Power, Rusty Necklace and the Ring of Poison Resistance. All of which was useful during the run.

Speaking of useful during the Solo run, alongside the equipment there is also a few mandatory items that you will need too. Including; Oil of Sharpness, Potion of Hill Giant Strength and the occasional Potion of Invisibility too. All of which can be purchased at the Goblin Camp.

Please note though that in order to use the character Astarion within the game you needed to use a Mod, as the character at this time was currently not available to play as without it.

Thus I used the Origin Character Mod that is created by AlanaSP / Nexus. NO OTHER MOD WAS USED, as for why I decided to use Astarion for this run… well he is one of my favourite characters within the game, so why not?

I also did a Gale Solo run too and just like this one I too used him because I like his character, you can check out his run (as a Wizard) here


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