Biomutant – How To Get The Heat Zone Protection Suit Guide

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One of the many different unlockables within the game is the Heat Zone Protection Suit. This suit is actually tied to the side quest ‘The Heatzone Pingdish

Below is how to activate and obtain the Heat Zone Protection Suit

  • LOCATION: Pingdish 6K (X: -84050 Y: -388156)
  • INFO:
  • Head to Pingdish 6K in order to find the satellite dish, if you have managed to unlock other suits before then you should know how things work in regards to the puzzle that we now need to solve.
  • If not then you basically need to connect the colours so that power can get to the main supply and thus activate the satellite dish
  • LEFT NODE: Turn left 3 times
  • MIDDLE NODE: Left alone
  • RIGHT NODE: Turn right once
  • We will now have power to the satellite dish
  • Now whilst controlling the dish you will want to point it towards the red hot air balloon over in the distance
  • Then after doing all of that it is time to go to Bangshelter 6L (X: -91019 Y: -422625)
  • Here you will want to enter the bunker shelter
  • It is here where you can obtain the Heatzone suit


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