Biomutant – How To Get The RadioActivity Protection Suit Guide

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One of the many different unlockables within the game is the RadioActivity Protection Suit. This suit is actually tied to the side quest ‘The Radioactivity Pingdish

Below is how to activate and obtain the RadioActivity Protection Suit

  • LOCATION: PingDish 3F (X: 55950 Y: -123250)
  • INFO:
  • Head to PingDish 3F in order to find the satellite dish that we need to fix and operate
  • Basically its just a connect the colours type of puzzle, simple and easy. If you have managed to collect any of the other suits then you should know exactly what to do!
  • LEFT NODE: Turn right 3 times
  • MIDDLE NODE: Turn right 3 times
  • RIGHT NODE: Turn right twice
  • We will now have the ability to manoeuvre the satellite dish
  • You need to position the satellite dish to the right of the large tower structure in the distance, this will give us a trans-message!
  • Now make your way to the East of PingDish 3F (X: 102919 Y: -196406)
  • Here you should manage to find the bunker shelter that we now need to enter, go ahead and do so
  • The RadioActivity suit can be found in the room to the right of the turret


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