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One of the many different unlockables within the game is the Oxygen Suit. This suit is actually tied to the side quest ‘The Oxygen Pingdish’

Below is how to activate and obtain the Oxygen Suit

  • LOCATION: Pingdish 11H (X: -350550 Y: -243406)
  • INFO:
  • Whilst at Pingdish 11H head into the building with the large contraption and 4 supports, inspecting it will initiate a small puzzle to solve
  • As the game suggests you will need to rotate the nodes so that the colours match and you will need an Intellect of 36 to be able to solve it
  • Now if you take a closer look you will see that these nodes all have both a yellow and white colour strip on them, keep this in mind as I’ll be using that to describe the solution
  • LEFT NODE – Rotate right 3 times. The white strip needs to match the white of the construction itself. Thus long story short, the white colour strip needs to be on the left side on the Left Node
  • That will then activate the construction, which in turn will then allow you to move a satellite dish
  • You will then need to point the satellite dish to the left of the power line, this will then give you a trans-message
  • The trans-message will briefly show you a location you need to travel to, or at least the direction anyway
  • Head to Sludge Deodorizum to continue (X: -318675 Y: -298156)
  • Here you should find a small grey looking building, it is actually a bunker. Head inside
  • Keep following the path entering various different rooms until one of them takes you to the Oxygen Suit


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