Biomutant – How To Get The Biohazard Suit Guide

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One of the many different unlockables within the game is the Biohazard Suit. This suit is actually tied to the side quest ‘The Biohazard Pingdish

Below is how to activate and obtain the Biohazard Suit

  • LOCATION: Pingdish 6E (X: -76644 Y: -85313)
  • INFO:
  • Whilst at Pingdish 6E (X: -76644 Y: -85313) head into the building with the large contraption and 4 supports, inspecting it will initiate a small puzzle to solve
  • This is quite a simple puzzle to solve, you just need to basically match the colours
  • RIGHT NODE: Turn right once. This should then connect the yellow of the node to the yellow of the contraption
  • After solving that the machine will then boot up and we will get to play with a satellite dish!
  • Aim this satellite dish to the right of the power line and left of the trees in order to receive a trans-message!
  • Now head to Bangshelter 6D (X: -90019 Y: -3656)
  • Here you should notice a bunker, go ahead and enter it
  • In here you will want to ride the elevator down, a few Bubba Sknarfs can be located here
  • After dealing with Bubba Sknarf open the nearby door and reap your rewards!


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