Biomutant – How To Get The Cold Zone Protection Suit Guide

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One of the many different unlockables within the game is the Cold Protection Suit. This suit is actually tied to the side quest ‘The Cold Zone Pingdish

Below is how to activate and obtain the Cold Zone Protection Suit

  • LOCATION: Pingdish 9H (X: -207112 Y: -250312)
  • INFO:
  • Head to Pingdish 9H and then to the satellite dish, sadly the device is currently nonoperational and thus we now need to solve a puzzle
  • The puzzle is easy and straightforward, you simply just need to connect the colours
  • LEFT NODE: Turn right 3 times. The white needs to connect so it must be on the left side
  • MIDDLE NODE: Turn right once. The node needs to connect to the main power box
  • RIGHT NODE: Turn right once. The yellow needs to connect so it must be on the right side
  • The satellite dish should now be functional
  • Using the satellite dish you now need to turn it so that it faces the mountain, this should give you a trans-message!
  • Now head to Bangshelter 10E (X: -271238 Y: -89563)
  • Here you should find the bunker that we need, head inside and lets get our Cold Suit!
  • As soon as you enter follow the path and head right at fork in order to reap your rewards!


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