New Pokemon Snap : The Power of Xerneas (Xerneas) Request Guide

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New Pokemon Snap has many different requests known as LenTalk Requests, this particular request sees you taking photos of Xerneas

The requirement for this specific photo is to get a photo of Xerneas on its hind hooves

  • POKEMON: Xerneas
  • REQUIREMENT: Take a photo of Xerneas on its hind hooves
  • LOCATION: Ruins – Illumina Spot
  • QUEST GIVER: Professor Mirror
  • REWARDS: Professor Mirror – Surprised (Profile Icon)
  • DESCRIPTION: The Illumina energy in this area seems particularly strong. We may be able to observe Xerneas behaving in new ways here
  • REQUIREMENT: Research Level 2, Complete the game
  • Set your camera to boost mode as we are going to need it in a little bit. However, head to the room with the various pillars in order to find a floating moving Aura, this is why we need the camera on boost mode
  • Anyway aim and hit this Aura with an Illumina Orb. This Aura is actually Xerneas, who will shape shift once again and leave. Follow it
  • When you see the Xerneas aura once again, aim and hit it with another Illumina Orb
  • Xerneas will now reveal itself once again and stand on the nearby rocks
  • When Xerneas jumps off these rocks throw yet another Illumina Orb at it, now we can ignore this Pokemon for now
  • Instead turn your attention to the 2 Houndoom in this room who are currently sleeping. Using Fluffruit you will want to wake them up and lure them into the centre of the room
  • Remember if the Houndoom try to eat the Fluffruit stop them using the Scan ability
  • Now go ahead and begin scanning Xerneas so that both of the Houndoom Pokemon start howling
  • Xerneas isn’t having any of it though and begins to cast a colourful ray of lights
  • Take a photo of Xerneas as it gets on its hind hooves


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