Captain Spirit – How To Assemble The Team Guide

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In order to complete this task you will need to inspect all of the different toys that are scattered around, here is how to find each one…

1) Gather all of your Super Hero Costume parts.

 Either inspect or play with the following toys:

2) Power Bear: In Chris’s Bedroom by the desk
3) Forest Warrior: On the table in Chris’s room
4) Dinosaur: On the floor in the living room
5) Sky Pirate: Up in the Treehouse
6) Ice Queen: Up in the Treehouse
7) Moctared: Also in the Treehouse
8) Snowmancer: The Snowman in the backyard
9) Water Eater: He is in the room beyond the Loundry Room
10) The Shark Stinger: On the floor in Chris’s room (Near the TV)
11) Noctarious: Play with Power Bear

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