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First off you will need to of completed the Costume task meaning you WILL need to of got every single piece of the costume. From there you will need to find the Car Keys.


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Finding All Four Costume Pieces


After having completed the Finding All Four Costume Pieces task. We will then need to go and collect the car keys, which are in the living room on the floor between both the Sofa and the small stool. Near the TV. From there you can then simply go outside and inspect the car. This will then teleport us into another dimensional world. Where we will encounter the character of Mantroid.

Our objective during this section is to ‘defeat Mantroid’, in order to do this we need to reach the lamp post, which very much stands out as it is light up.

There is actually a time limit in which to reach the lamp post. However, It doesn’t matter if you get to the objective in time or not as it still counts as having been complete.


Mantroid is a super-villain within the world of Captain Spirit and the main protagonist, Chris Eriksen. In truth, it is a portmanteau of both the Mantle Street and Asteroid Drive.

The reasoning behind Mantroid in the world of Captain Spirit is because these two streets form an intersection where Emily Eriksen, Chris Eriksen’s mother, was tragically killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Due to the backstory involving the death of Chris’s mother. The main protagonist now expresses his trauma through the character of Mantroid.

This now completes the guide on how to defeat or complete the section on Mantroid

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