Close To The Sun: Chapter 3 (The Home Of Hestia) All Collectibles – Loved Ones Guide

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There are many collectibles to find and collect within the Close to the Sun game. Some of which are really well hidden and can take quite a while to find.

Getting all of the collectibles during Chapter 3 unlike the Prologue will actually net you a trophy / achievement known as Loved Ones. Below is a quick and simple guide on where to find each one!


1) Photo of a Married couple – It is on the little Fountain on the lower floor. 
2) Prosper Family Photo –  Look for a Service door with blood on it (this door will not open). Next to this door is a set of ladder, the collectible is up here along with a dead body
3) W. Steinitz Key – On the lower floors, there should be some tables with a Chess set on. The key is here. 
4) Photo of someone’s Wife – Upstairs look for the block of flats known as ‘Epsilor’. Get the keys from behind the counter here. From there open the door on the furthest left, inside will be some balloons and the collectible is sitting on the bed
5) A. King Keycard – Once the electricity had been sorted and you gain access to the Gamma Quarter, you should be able to find this collectible on top of the counter where you will have visions of ghosts.
6) Miller Family Photo – At the Alpha Quarter, there should be a small table and chairs near the Pool table. The next collectible is on the table here. 
7) L.J Ostrog Keycard – Also, in the Alpha Quarter you should have keys for the CF Brown room, if so good the next collectible is in this room. Next to the bed will be a little Safe that you need to solve, the solution is as follows:

Farmer/Herder: Lone Wolf
2 Wolfs – Sheep
Lone Wolf – 2 Wolves

8) Brown Family Photo – Keeping inside the same room (CF Brown room), you can find the final collectible on the little table next to the bed with the lamp

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