Close To The Sun: Chapter 4 – The Works Of Daedalus (All Collectibles – Blueprint Collector) Guide

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There are many collectibles to find and collect within the Close to the Sun game. Some of which are really well hidden and can take quite a while to find.

Getting all of the collectibles during Chapter 4 unlike the Prologue will actually net you a trophy / achievement known as Blueprint Collector. Below is a quick and simple guide on where to find each one!


1) Helios Tech Blueprint (Death Ray) – This one is found in Room 210. Which is actually an Office, here Rose will speak of sabotage. The collectible however, is found on the desk to the far end of the room, where you should encounter some more ghost visions. 

2) Helios Tech Blueprint (X-Ray Machine) –Room 214. There will be a dead body in the back of the room, to the left. 

3) Helios Tech Blueprint (Lightning Harvesting Machine) – Lecture Hall. Here you will see ghost visions of people listening to their Lecturer. The collectible can be found on the Lecturer’s table by the chair.

4) Helios Tech Blueprint (Earthquake Machine) – When you first encounter the Blue Gas, you should be able to find Room 323. This room is a bit of a mess, the collectible can be found next to the fallen clothes rack that blocks the other door. 

5) Helios Tech Blueprint (Ball Lightning Machine) – After being chased into a room full of Rats. You should find this collectible to the right side of the room, sitting next to a poster. 

6) Helios Tech Blueprint (Artificial Photosynthesis Inductor) – In the Laboratory (near the Rat Room). You should find a dead body behind some of the cages, the collectible is here. 

7) Helios Tech Blueprint (Helicopterplane Machine) – In D. Harnesk’s room. Here you will find a dead body sitting on a chair, the collectible on the floor next to it. Be careful it doesn’t re-awaken and tear your arm’s off. ˙ʎsɐǝ ʇsǝɹ ˙uǝddɐɥ ʎllɐnʇɔɐ ʇ,usǝop ʇɐɥʇ ‘ʎɹɹoʍ ʇ,uop

8) Helios Tech Blueprint (Kinetic Rain Device) – Just before you meet Ada. You will be in a room where Rose will talk about Animal Experimentation, Weather Control and such. The last collectible is sitting on a chair in this very room, to the far left. 

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