(COD) Call Of Duty: Vanguard – Duck And Dive (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Duck and Dive is one of the many trophy achievements within (COD) Call of Duty Vanguard, it requires you to avoid taking damage during the first Dive-Bomb

This specific trophy achievement can be unlocked during the fourth campaign mission, The Battle of Midway. This mission sees you flying a plane and needing to drop a bomb onto the ship below.

  • The opportunity to unlock this specific trophy achievement will come when the mission objective updates to ‘Start the dive-bomb’ and ‘Bomb the first carrier’
  • Our goal is to avoid taking damage, though taking explosive damage seems to be acceptable. However, we need to avoid bullet damage which will be coming from the ships below. You will need to navigate out of the danger.
  • When you successfully manage to plant the bomb the trophy achievement should then pop
  • If you happen to make a mistake then simply reload from the last checkpoint.


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