(COD) Call Of Duty: Vanguard – Untouchable (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Untouchable is one of the many trophy achievements within (COD) Call of Duty Vanguard, it requires you to avoid getting hit by the sniper

This specific trophy achievement can be unlocked during the fifth campaign mission, Numa Numa Trail. Where you will be crawling through the grass and meeting up with Booker.

  • During the Numa Numa Trail mission you will meet up with Booker and end up having to cross a bridge
  • You will need to stay close to Booker and run fast as the Sniper can, though at this point unlikely, still hit you.
  • When you reach the large rock with Booker, this is where you have to be careful. The Sniper will now have a much better chance at hitting you.
  • Stay hidden amongst the grass to make things more easier for yourself. Alongside that you can also run and slide whenever you are out of cover
  • When the mission objective updates to ‘Find and kill the sniper’, your companions will tell you that they are hiding on the tree. Take aim at the sniper and once he has been dealt with the trophy achievement will then pop
  • Note: If you end up getting hit by the sniper then just restart from the last checkpoint


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