Control – All Collectibles (Bureau Archivist) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Control has many different collectibles to hunt down and collect. You need 120 collectibles to obtain the trophy achievement Bureau Archivist.

Thankfully the game dishes out quite a few of these lovely files automatically through the course of the story. These include files, multimedia videos and other such wonderful things.

Below are some videos to hopefully help you in finding these and getting closer to that trophy achievement!

This includes:

Prohibited Items Reminder
Bureau Expanditures
Security Order
R4 Reports Reminder
Trench Do Not Disturb
Approved Terminology Reminder
Executive Meeting Minutes
FBC Reminder Building Shifts
Marshal AWE Investigations
Dinner Reservations
Agent Death Notification
Butte Supplement
Hotline Security Log
Trench Bureau Funding – Mission 3 onwards


Hiss Guard, Hiss Agent, Director Trench Photograph & Portrait of Director Zachariah Trench

This below video shows all of the remaining file locations (Thanks to: Redemption Gaming)

If you are wondering where the sound for the above video is, then ‘I forgot to unmute my capture software as the previous game I was playing had copyright music playing during the credits.‘ was Redemption Gaming‘s response to that

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